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Welcome Jinhong Jiang join China Democracy Party
Date: 11/29/2004 12:45:02 PM Sender: CDP
Welcome Jiang, Jinhong to join China Democracy Party

Hi Chairman Wang,

I cherish confidence about China Democracy Party World Union. Hopefully you can assign members to Northern Europe and set up branch in our Northern Europe. I will fully cooperate with your job. This is my mailbox and I am looking forward to keeping contact with you.
Northern Europe Jiang, Hongjin
Nov.28, 2004

Hi Mr. Jiang, thank you for supporting China Democracy Party World Union and thank you for concerning about Chinese democracy career. I will scheme the plan, on which you suggested setting up the branch in Northern Europe. Please tell us about your detailed mailing address, telephone and E-mail. It is not convenient to open up the established affairs and discuss on the case when meeting.

Take Care

China Democracy Party World Union Jun Wang

Nov.29, 2004
New York, U.S.A.

北欧来,并能在北欧设立分部, 我全力配合,这是我的信箱,望保持联系!

北欧 江弘锦


江先生你好, 感谢你对中国民主党世界同盟的支持;感谢你对中国

民主事业的关切,你建议在北欧设立分部一事, 我们会尽快拟定方


具体筹建事宜暂时不宜公开, 届时见面详述。


中国民主党世界同盟主席 王军

2004年11月29日 于美国纽约  

中国民主党           主席:王军    China Democracy Party    Chairman: Wang, Jun
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