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Welcome Li, Hao to Join China Democracy Party
Date: 12/11/2004 12:46:53 PM Sender: CDP
Welcome Li, Hao to Join China Democracy Party

Hi Chairman Wang,

I am a patriotic university student in China mainland. After I read rule and goal of CDP, I deeply feel the responsibility of rescuing our country, I, myself unconditionally willing to join CDP. I will endeavor to realize freedom, democracy, and fairness of our country. I will devote myself to the construction of democratic China.

Hence, I hope CDP can become one of the biggest, most efficient, most vital and most representative organizations in the world. This is not only my hope, but also the power source that generations of CDP members continually accomplish the goal

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to both you and democrats

Li, Hao China Mainland
Dec.9, 2004

Thank you for your correspondence. Welcome to join China Democracy Party!
From today, you are approved to be an honest member of CDP. Hopefully you can actively develop members, and secretly build up our organization according to the rule and Organization Act of CDP. Let us strive together to impetus China to realize democracy.

Happy Merry Christmas!
(Memo: Please secretly and safely carry on all the activities and affairs of CDP)

CDPWU: Jun Wang
Dec. 10, 2004 in New York U.S.A.










程和组织发展条例, 在你的同学中间和社会关系中积极发展党员





2004年12月10日 于美国纽约

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