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Letter from China Democracy Party Sweden Branch
Date: 12/17/2004 5:44:36 PM Sender: CDP
Letter from China Democracy Party Sweden Branch

Sat, 11 Dec 2004 04:41:15 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr. Wang Jun,

I'm Alexander YUN from China Democracy Party Sweden Branch.

I've talked with Mr. Jiang Hongjing two days ago andtoday I read the letter he sent to you in your website. If you have any plan in Nodic, pls let me knowfirst. By the way, your web site is designed very well. I like the style. :-) Hope to get your reply

Let's work together for China.


Alexander YUN
China Democracy Party
Sweden Branch

Mr.Jun Wang, Chairman of China Democracy Party World Union

Thank you for your letter and also thank you for caring about our official websit. Mr.Jinhong Jiang and you play an active part in democracy career and launch activities.Democracy career is whole people's career. If all the Chinese people can devoted themselves to democracy, the power is unlimited. CDPWU rules regulate that we should ally worldwide democratic organizations, democratic power to launch great democracy movement. We believe that we will have much cooperations.

Keep Contact!

China Democracy Party World Union
Jun Wang
Dec.17, 2004
New York




我是中国民主党瑞典分部的亚历山大· 云(译音)。

两天前,我与江宏锦(译音)先生已经谈过了,今天,我在你们的网站上也看到了他给你们的信。如果你在NODIC有什么计划的话,请先告诉我一声。 顺便说一句,你们网站设计得很好,我很喜欢这种风格。希望早日收到您的答复!


亚历山大· 云

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