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Welcome Yubao Zhang to Join China Democracy Party
Date: 1/8/2005 5:32:53 PM Sender: CDP
Zhang, Yubao applied for joining China Democracy Party

On January 8, 2005, Mr. Yubao Zhang from Fujian Fuzhou came from Alhambra to China Democracy Party World Union in New York. He asked for joining China Democracy Party. It is simply and touching.

Mr. Yubao Zhang has been in United States for couple of years. Democracy atmosphere has influenced him. His willing is to help Chinese people obtain human rights and let China realize democracy as soon as possible. Mr. Yubao Zhang’s motivation to join CDP is totally for joining the CDP movements in personal and making life reasonable rather than for reputation, benefit and status.

Mr. Jun Wang, CDPWU warmly welcome Mr. Zhang Yubao. Mr. Jun Wang appeal to propagate CDP theory in his local friends and arouse more people to join it. Every Chinese people should care for Chinese fortune. Chairman Jun Wang took picture with Mr. Yubao Zhang.

Picture: Mr. Jun Wang, Chairman of CDPWU took photo with Mr. Yubao Zhang

Picture: Zhang, Yubao's Application to Join CDP



张玉宝先生来美国多年,美国的民主氛围熏染了他, 他的愿望就是要为中国的百姓获得人权,中国早日实现民主, 张玉宝先生不为名、不为利、也不为身份,他自愿加入中国民主党的动机,完全是为了自己能亲身加入中国民主运动,让自己的人生变得更有意义。

中国民主党世界同盟主席王军先生, 热情接待了张玉宝先生,并向张玉宝先生申请加入中国民主党表示欢迎,王军主席恳请张玉宝先生,能在自己的同乡中间宣传中国民主党的民主理念,动员更多的人加入中国民主党,每个中国人都应该关心中国的命运。王军主席还与张玉宝先生合影留念。



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