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Rally on Strongly Protesting against CCP’s Arrest
Date: 2/3/2009 4:13:00 PM Sender: CDP
Video: Rally on Strongly Protesting against CCP’s Arresting CDP Member Kong, Youping---The World Union Positively Respond “Propagation Year of Rescuing Political Persecuted Chinese Suffer” Serial Movement No. 4

Picture: Some of CDPWU members protested against CCP’s arresting CDP’s member Kong, Youping in front of New York Flushing Library in the afternoon on 3rd, February, 2009.

About 11:00 a.m. on 3rd, February, 2009, there were more than 100 CDPWU members went to the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in New York to hold a rally under cold wind and heavy snow, and developed “Propagation Year of Rescuing Political Persecuted Chinese Suffer” Serial Movement No. 4: Rally on Strongly Protesting against CCP’s Arresting CDP Member Kong, Youping, claimed CCP to release Kong, Youping immediately. CDP and CDPWU Chairman, and 《China Democracy Journal》Director Wang, Jun took part in today’s rally and made a speech.
CDP member Kong, Youping lived in Anshan, Liaoning, he is a network author and freelancer. Mr. Kong, Youping has ever went to the countryside, be a worker, a teacher, and the enterprise cadres. In 1998, Mr. Kong, Youping was summoned for trial for taking part in establishing CDP Liaoning department. Later on, Mr. Kong, Youping was preparing to commemorate “Six Four” in 1989, publicly claimed CCP government to reevaluate “Six Four” Movement, and required to release those state criminals who were ever arrested by the authorities many times. After the arresting of Kong, Youping by CCP authority on 13th, December, 2003, he was sentenced of 15 years felony into prison for the reason of “crime of toppling national regime” by CCP government on 16th, September, 2004.
CDP and CDPWU Chairman, and 《China Democracy Journal》Director Wang, Jun made a speech in the rally and said, Kong, Youping is a CDP member with attic faith, he is just a intellectual person. He is only released comment, expounded his views, propagandized democratic free philosophy, and indicated his position, but the CCP authority actually sentenced a intellectual person felony into prison with “crime of toppling national regime”!
Mr. Kong, Youping is one of thousands upon thousands of CDP members, what he did is to fulfill his duties and obligations as a CDP member should do, he was sentenced felony by propagandizing democracy, freedom, human rights and nomocracy philosophy. This is another evidence of crime of CCP regime’s deliberately break the law, violate knowingly, retroaction. Mr. Kong, Youping is facing such a deceitful regime full of improbity, violence, arresting and sentencing inculpable people abusively, he looks so small and so helpless.
Wang, Jun indicated that CCP regime is an actual national terroristic group. Because this regime uses violence to Chinese people and deprive people of basic human rights in a long time, in result of a situation of farmers are on short commons, workers lose their jobs, houses are broke violently, arrested when appeal to the higher authorities for help, and no freedom for practicing people’s skills. All of these are run in the opposite position to the “Harmonious Society” that CCP government always propagates and “Hu Wen New Policy” that recently advocated. Today, we overseas CDP members gathered here to strongly protest against CCP’s violent regime, and claimed CCP authorities to release CDP member Mr. Kong, Youping, and to give Mr. Kong, Youping freedom back!
Some CDP members gave a speech in the rally, protested against CCP’s arresting CDP member Mr. Kong, Youping, strongly claimed to release Mr. Kong, Youping immediately, appealed to end up CCP’s one-party autarchy, and establish China to be country of freedom, democracy, human rights and regime.

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