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Grievously mourning the CDP member Mr. Li, Hong (Zhang, Jianhong)力虹(张建红)
Date: 12/31/2010 9:41:46 PM Sender: CDP
Grievously mourning the CDP member Mr. Li, Hong (Zhang, Jianhong)力虹(张建红)

Learning of the event of the famous dissident as well as a CDP member Li, Hong (Zhang, Jianhong) passed away, all members of China Democracy Party are all grieved. Mr. Wang, Jun, the Chairman of China Democracy Party and the proprietor of “China Democracy Journal”, showed great lament for Li, Hong’s death, and extended cordial greetings to his wife Dong, Min.

The left picture showed he was very healthy before he was imprisoned, and the right image showed he was in hospital on June 5, 2010, with respiratory machine in his mouth and was unable to speak.

Zhang, Jianhong, whose pen name was Li, Hong, and was born on Dengxian, Zhejiang in 1958. He is a poet, dramatist, and freelancer. He was imprisoned after the June 4th in 1989, and started freelance writing in 1991, he became a signed writer in Zhejiang Literal Arts College, and finished the long poem “Sad four chapters” in 2005, published a novel named “Red Clothing Shop”. He audited the website “The Aegean Sea” in the same year. He was sentenced six years for “inciting and subverting the state power” by China Communist Party in July, 2007. He was very healthy, with good manner, sharp thoughts, and correct speech before he went to jail. After being imprisoned, he received inhuman torture and was diagnosed as having a rare neurone disease, and his two arms suffered severe muscular dystrophy. His wife and family requested Li, Hong’s release on parole for medical treatment several times, and gave him effective treatment, but China Communist Party ignored his illness and did nothing about it, delayed his best treatment time and resulted in worsened situation, the prison didn’t notify his family for outside treatment until he was on the verge of death, his wife and family sent him to the Secondary Hospital in Ningbo, Zhejiang. He died on Dec 31, 2010 at the age of 52.
The Chinese Communist Party always claims that it rules the country by law, and the officials usually publicly say that: “ruling the country by law, primarily ruling the power by law, and ruling the officials by law, but not ruling the common people.” The truth would state otherwise, the so-called “ruling the country by law” claimed by CCP is a lie, in fact, the CCP rules the common people, the China Communist Party and the officials can surpass the law, all laws and regulations formulated by the government are just tools to rule the common people. Look at those people being persecuted and handicapped, look at those alarming people being persecuted to death, it’s not rule of law, but typical rule of men. China Communist Party charge the common person, dissident author Li, Hong with “inciting and subverting the state power” and arrested Mr. Li, Hong, and he was ultimately persecuted to death. Li, Hong’s death is a great loss to China Democracy Party. Li, Hong’s heroic deeds will encourage all CDP members and those who love democracy and freedom, to make a determined effort and fight for the democratic cause in China.
Let us unite and turn grief into strength, hand in hand, and inherit Mr. Li, Hong’s unfinished cause, to end the one-party dictatorship, and establish a democratic China with multi-parties regime.

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