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Qin, Yongmin: “Extra”(No.5) of electing news of the candidates in Beijing
Date: 9/22/2011 9:43:35 AM Sender: Qin, Yongmin
Qin, Yongmin: “Extra”(No.5) of electing news of the candidates in Beijing
There are another ten citizens, uniting to run in election of deputy to the NPC

“No.1 election news” of ten candidates in Beijing

This year is the year for general election of deputy to the NPC in villages and towns all over the country, and there is lots of news about independent candidates running for the deputy to the NPC. At the same time, the news of independent candidates’ being suppressed and disappeared (such as Yao, Lifa’s being disappeared) is spread in public. At present, the election in Beijing has run into the stage of voters’ registration. The election Committees are built up in twelve districts and counties in Beijing. According to the arrangement of Beijing elected office, the voting of general election of districts, counties, towns and villages in Beijing will be held on Nov 8 and the new 4349 deputies to the NPC will be elected in Beijing. According to the previous experience, it will be the critical period from October to Nov 8.

The ten citizens in Beijing have decided to participate in the general election of the deputy to the NPC in district and county in autumn in Beijing actively. In order to let people know their situations of election, Shao,Lihua and He, Depu become their strategists with candidates’ agreements. So we will publish the related news of election successively and welcome citizens in Beijing to participate in the election of the deputy to the NPC with us actively for each five years to contribute to the realization of harmonious society and building up a jural government.

Strategist: Shao, Lihua Tel:13501019864
Strategist: He, Depu Tel: 15101084969
Sep 18, 2011-9-22
Involved in starting, if reprint, please give references. (

Attachment: The declarations of uniting to run for election of deputy to the NPC
We are the ordinary citizens in Beijing, who insist in preventing legal rights and interests in long-term and endeavoring to assist vulnerable groups’ rights. In the process of preventing rights, we profoundly feel the difficulty for ordinary citizens to communicate with government, NPC, court and procuratorate and we wish to find the deputy to the NPC to assist us to reflect and solve problems to government and related departments. However, we can’t find the deputy to the NPC speaking for vulnerable groups.

In autumn of 2011, the general election of deputy to the NPC for district and county for each five years is beginning, and we have strong responsibility to be deputies to the NPC, making sure all the people find us at any time and speaking for ordinary people!
We support constitution and pursue just, fairness, equality and freedom, and we will use our practical actions of attending election to commit “Electoral Law”.

We stretch out our responsible hands to you and please vote for us to allow me to serve for you at the position of deputy!

If you support us, please be our referrers or resolutioners when collecting signatures or nominating candidates in this district. If our names aren’t included in the list with some reasons, please elide the candidate who you don’t know and write our names into the column of “electing others”. Please pay attention to homophones and wrong words which may lead to cancellation of the votes.
Please remember our names.

Citizen candidates for deputies to the NPC                     Tel or Mobile phone
1. Shao, Lihua (Female) Zhanlanguan Road 34-1-203, West town District   13501019864
2. Sun, Baomei(Female) Deshengmen Ave 212, West town District    15910584164
3. Zhao, Shuying(Female) Beiluyuan 10-4-401, West town District   68328853
4. Ru, Shumei (Female) Tangfang Dayuan 12, West town District   52894406
5. Ma, Jingxue (Female) Yangfangcun Walixiang 125, Chaoyang District   15801596238
6. Li, Suling (Female) Beisantiao 20, Qingyundian, Daxing District   15001369407
7. Li, Jingru (Female) Daohuahe Dongli 88, West town District   13439112179
8. Wang, Xueqin (Female) Yurenli 4-2-502, West town District   13683388076
9. Wang, Fengxian (Female) Jiangongbeili 2-6-101, West town District  13520510585
10. Li, Lirong (Female) Hepingwen Nansuo 42, West town District   13718220515

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