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Qin, Yongmin: Three tendencies of domestic dissidents’petitioning and protesting
Date: 11/4/2011 2:09:57 PM Sender: Qin,Yongmin
Qin, Yongmin: Three tendencies of domestic dissidents’petitioning and protesting

1. Dissident Xu, Shunyi in Baoding of Hebei Province, being called as “Confucius in Shandong”, gets rid of the control and protests in front of the Baoding government at 3PM with half-naked accompany with his wife. The reason was when he was sent out from Gaoyang work camp a month ago, all of his clothes kept by Gaoyang work camp was “lost”, and then he was forced to go home with half-naked, but he always didn’t get the result from Gaoyang work camp. On the spot of protesting, regimental police planned to hit him, but they were stopped by people knowing him and saying that “You can’t hit him, otherwise it will be endless.” Besides, several Xu, Shunyi’s classmates, who have become governmental officials, escaped after seeing his being hit. Xu, Shunyi’s wife Liu, Lanping recorded the process and officials of government came out to promise and compensate the clothes valuing 2000 yuan for 1500 yuan.

2. After the confirmation of new of elder of democratic wall in Beijing Fu, Yuehua was sentenced of administrative attachment of 15 days due to his opposing forced removal, the houses of his sister and neighbors were pulled down mostly and came to Daxing detention house to visit him according to the words of Xicheng Court. Daxing detention house admitted there was such a person there, but they didn’t accept clothes and cash sent, saying that there were lots of things in the bag. In addition, detention house accused of Fu, Yuehua’s negative attitude, so always refused to sign on the removal document until now.

3. At 14:57PM in this afternoon, Liu, Shasha sent a news on Microblog, saying that “Escape and have returned Linyi. Life is endless and rescuing is also endless, so accompany with Chen, Guangcheng for the whole life!”. Liu, Shasha also stated the condition of her lost three days, that “In the morning of 27th, she was pulled onto a police car forcefully by a man and a woman in the railway station of Linyi and sent to “Zhanqian police station”, and she was locked into interview room without any reason and watched by two policemen with number of Ls0275 and 079079. On the other day, she was transferred to Nanyang Youtian SP and forced to “take a trip” in Lianyungang, looking for opportunity to escape.” “After stealing back mobile phone, I saw so much attention from many friends with full of tears. When Linyi Police arrested me, their attitude was very negative, and if there was no care from you, I would suffer losses this time. I could only work hard to thank the assistances from so many friends!”

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