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China Democracy Party member Mr. Qin, Yongmin was arrested
Date: 11/18/2011 11:04:09 AM Sender: CDP
China Democracy Party member Mr. Qin, Yongmin was arrested

In the morning of Nov 16, 2011 (Wednesday) Mr. Qin, Yongmin who was dissident in Wuhan and CDP member was taken away by about twenty policemen after searching his house. His girlfriend said to the press that police broke into their new house and took Mr. Qin away forcefully, at the same time, brought two computers, cell phone and contact list.

Recently dissident Qin, Yongmin, publishing news of human rights to the outside, was arrested by policemen on Nov 16, 2011 (Wednesday) and his girlfriend said “He was arrested by policemen at about ten and just after that crowds of people searched the house and took two computers, displayer and keyboards away, including notebook, contact list, cell phone and so on.”

She told the journalists coming people included security of the city and Xinlongqiao Street police station, which searched their house for about two hours.

“It was Xingouqiao policemen that broke into my house last time and who searched our house were from police station of the city; When I asked them, they said they were from police station of the city. About twenty people came here. I said to them that we were ordinary people and it was not necessary for so many people to come here, but several ones searched the house everywhere. Was it necessary? Then they said OK and half of the people went away. The people left had searched my house for about one or two hours.”

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