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China’s“Two Conferences”don’t represent the Chinese people
Date: 3/17/2012 2:16:30 PM Sender: Wang, Jun
China's “Two Conferences” don't represent the Chinese people

By Jun Wang, the Chairman of China Democracy Party (CDP) as well as the Proprieter of China Democracy Journal

We say the ‘Two Conferences’ don't represent the Chinese people, and we have sufficient facts to prove it.

I. China's ‘two conferences’ are represented by foreigners

The ‘two conferences’ are held in China, but they don't represent the Chinese people, then whom do they represent? People won't understand it.
During the so-called ‘two conferences’- the 5th sessions of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) and the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), some of the NPC or CPPCC delegates’ nationalities are questioned. According to the media exposure, several delegates of the NPC and CPPCC hold their foreign nationalities, so they do not qualify for the delegates. Delegates include Lan Yang, Yaping Deng, Benshan Zhao, Haidi Zhang, Chenggang Ran, Chong Chen and Ping Lang etc. whose nationalities are questioned. Other delegates are pointed out that they have moved their family and properties abroad, so they are called “naked officials”.
During the domestic media coverage, Qizheng Zhao, a spokesman of the CPPCC news conference, admitted that according to his survey, he did not find any delegate holds foreign nationality, because “nobody knows when he did the survey. It is not allowed to have foreign nationality as a member of the CPPCC.” Xijin Hu, the chief editor of the Global Times, expressed his view in his micro-blog that he believes Qizheng Zhao “could have not possibly lied over the issue in his position”. As this is a sensitive controversial issue, except Lan Yang, not any of those member delegates concerned had the courage to talk about their “household register”, to answer questions on their nationalities.
China's law stipulates that it is not allowed to have a double-nationality. When someone joins another country and acquires another nationality, then she/he naturally lost her/his Chinese nationality. A foreigner does not enjoy the right to vote and to be elected. Actress Li Gong lost her membership of CPPCC in 2008 because she acquired Singapore nationality.
Jiannong Ye, a member of CPPCC, was interviewed by the China media, pointed out that the phenomenon of ‘double-nationality’ has become a ‘hidden common practice’ and not been restricted in China. In 2009, a big hit movie named 《The Founding of A Republic》was put on show, the film was to intend to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the taking over of China by China communist party. In that ‘patriotic movie’ there were a number of actors and actresses who are foreign nationalities, like Kaige Chen, Yifei Liu, Chong Chen, Wenli Jiang, Dawei Jiang, Qing Xu, Lianjie Li and Gaowa Siqin etc.

Mr. Wang, Jun was at the opening ceremony of a job fair held in the Sheraton Hotel located in Flushing Community of New York City.

II. It is illegal to request meeting with NPC delegates

The ‘two conferences’ delegates don't represent the people, because they are not elected by the people.
During the two conferences NPC, CPPCC held in Beijing, Jinghuan Ye and Ying Han, two independent candidates for previous membership of NPC representatives, were beaten and abused by police officers from the city public security bureau Haidian branch when they tried to give their proposal to the NPC office staff. Hooligan officer from Donghuamen police station took notes when questioned them separately, but they were still kept in custody. Jianwu Li, another officer from Wanshousi police station in Haidian district rushed over to take her away. Jianwu Li had previously harmed Ying Han several times, including illegally restricted her freedom during her election campaign etc. Jinghuan Ye described that after Ying Han expressed she did not want to be taken away, Jianwu Li dashed up to her and seized her arm and removed her by force. The scene was stirred up in mess, tables and chairs turned to the ground.
Jinghuan Ye said, “Seeing this, I stood up in reaction. In the meantime, Jianwu Li said to me, ‘don't move’ with his fist punched on my chest at the same time, and I fell back to seat by his hit.” Ying Han said, she was removed to a police car and escorted to Wanshousi police station where she was kept in custody till 7:00pm. During her custody, Jianwu Li verbally abused her several times with dirty words rudely. He also took her cell phone away and she lost contact with her family and friends for several hours.
Ying Han said, a police chief in the station told her that it is a violation of the law to go directly to a NPC delegate for complaint. You may go to a complaint office if you want to complain, and you should not go to meet a NPC delegate. NPC delegates are something just like a flower vase, for the purpose of decoration only. They never speak for the people, and they never tell the public how to contact them. People can never reach them.
One of the accommodations for NPC delegates is Railroad Hotel, where is full of police, military police and security guards wearing red badge patrol around, nobody could approach the hotel. Delegates’ accommodation places are all severely guarded, so people cannot meet the people's representatives.
Among the members of NPC representatives, almost nobody considers the people's benefits, nobody has ability, so the people's representatives don’t represent the people.

III. The ‘two conferences’ are only a game of China communist interest groups.

China ‘two conferences’ don't represent the Chinese people. Its delegates have no communication with their voters. Once a year it held, the ‘two conferences’ is nothing but self-deceiving games of China communist interest groups. With ‘CPPCC’, China communist party consults itself actually; and the so-called ‘NPC’ delegates can represent themselves only.
China communist government officials and rich businessmen are the majority of the NPC members, so they only represent the interest of ‘one-party dictatorship’, as well as the group interest of power-money integration. This year's ‘two conferences’ are as the same as before, a disturbing ‘two conferences’. Human right activists, dissidents and petitioners all over the country are strictly controlled by the police from the authority, through means of detention, house arrest, sent to travel somewhere etc. so as to ‘strengthen the social stability’. Micro-blog and blogs on websites are blocked completely, once again sent China into a silence of red terror.
China communist party emphasized “the absolute safety and stability during the two conferences period, and sensitive areas must be stabilized in particular”. Quanguo Chen, the communist party secretary in Tibetan autonomous zone, said that Tibet will emphasize the idea of “stability comes first”; control the new media means like cell phone and web contact etc.; strictly strengthened the stability of the key areas and key locations”; so as to wipe out all instable factors at its budding stage.
The authority many a time required its officials and cadres in Tibet must go all out to strengthen the area's stability. Any cadre dares who neglect their duties, will be removed from position and punished. Under so much high pressure policy, there were over 20 Tibetans recently committed self-burning to protest against the oppression on religion and culture. Among them, most are Tibetan Buddhists.

IV. NPC refuses direct election

China's ‘two conferences’ don't represent Chinese people, as it only talks lies, boasts and hollow words. BBC reported on March 4: Zhaoxing Li, the spokesman for the 5th sessions of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC), shamelessly said that it is still difficult for China to start direct election, as China is a big country with a large population, unbalanced social and economic development, plus the inconvenience of transportation in some areas. After such a stupid saying was made, there appeared many comments expressing doubts and oppositions about the relation between “transportation and direct election” on the internet.
Zhaoxing Li said at a press conference prior to the opening of the NPC in answering a reporter's question, that the election system in China is practiced in a way that combines both direct and indirect elections, based on direct election. This is in accordance with present status in China. However, many net-citizens do not accept Zhaoxing Li's explanative word and they argued with examples of Russia and India:

1. Someone asked, if local or area People's Representative could be elected through one person one vote, why not the National People’s Conference Representatives be elected the same way?
2. Someone pointed out, if direct election could be implemented in rural area where communication is inconvenient, why not the most developed urban areas or cities like Shanghai, where only indirect election is allowed? Such a combination is puzzling.
3. Also net-citizen asked in micro-blog, the president election on March 4th is done through direct election in Russia, where a land wider than China territory, also exists Chechnya separatist force disturbance and unbalance of economic development, why China can not?
4. The same logical argument was made in another micro-blog, exampling India, deriding China communist government officials surpassed Indian in privilege corruption, but on issues of direct election they became shrinking violets.

I really hope that China communist leaders will listen to the people's voice and drop the NPC and CPPCC, return the power to the people.

V. 63% Chinese people hope to have western democracy

China's ‘two conferences’ don't represent the Chinese people, so Chinese people are eager to have western democracy! The most attracting news in recent two days is that leftist media the Global Times in its English edition published a survey report: according to a rare survey made from 1010 people of typical, 63% among the interviewees hope China have western democracy.
The French《Liberation》had a comment on it, this subversive poll report could only be published in English. It was not mentioned a word of it neither in Global Times Chinese edition nor in any other newspapers. Global Times reporters obviously have risked severe punishment from China propaganda authority. It also reflected the divergence within China communist party between supporters and opponents toward real political reform. The survey also shows majority people doubt the practicability of free election system and the separation of government power from the party under present situation. However, 15.7% people believe that this objective could be realized now.

The survey shows:

1. Among the people surveyed, 15.7% hope that the system of China communist one-party dictatorial rule must be terminated at once or as soon as possible.
2. Over 49% among the surveyed expect more or less a new ‘revolution’.
3. Over 15% among the surveyed believe that China is now at ‘the edge of a revolution’.
4. Among the surveyed, 34% believe that China is now already at ‘the edge of a new revolution’.

This survey shows that many people hope China's social system will be democratized!
The result of this survey is the effort of our CDP members pushing forward China's democracy in the long term hard work!
The China's ‘two conferences’ don't represent the Chinese people, only the CDP members who pursue the establishment of a democracy China can genuinely represent the interest of the Chinese people.


中国民主党主席、中国民主报社长 王军





中国政协本届会议新闻发言人赵启正在接受国内媒体采访时承认说,根据他的调查,具有外国国籍的委员,他没发现,因为“他做的大家不知道。政协委员,外籍是不行的”。 环球时报总编胡锡进在其微博上表示相信赵启正“在这个位置上不可能就这个问题说假话” 。身处风口浪尖的当事委员们没有一个敢于“晒户口”,除了杨澜,没有一个敢于回应“国籍质疑”。



Mr. Wang, Jun was at the opening ceremony of a job fair held in the Sheraton Hotel located in Flushing Community of New York City.




野靖环说:“我看到这个情况,本能的反应就站起来了。我站起来的同时,李健吾朝着我说,‘你不许动’。他说话的同时,一拳就打在我的左胸上了。 一下子打得我就坐在那儿了。”韩颖说,自己被强行押上警车后在万寿寺派出所被关到晚上7点多才获释。期间李健吾多次用下流言语辱骂她,态度十分粗暴,还抢走了她的手机,让她和家人、朋友失去联络达几个小时。





















1、15.7% 的民众希望中国一党专制的制度立即或尽快结束。







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