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A Brief Introduction of Mr. Lizhi Fang, a World-Renowned Pro-Democracy Forerunner
Date: 4/12/2012 2:07:58 PM Sender: CDP

A Brief Introduction of Mr. Lizhi Fang, a World-Renowned Pro-Democracy Forerunner


Mr. Lizhi Fang, a world-renowned pro-democracy forerunner, and an astrophysicist, passed away in Arizona State of America in the morning of April 6, 2012, at the age of 76.
Mr. Lizhi Fang’s ancestral home is Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and he grew up in Beijing. He entered primary school at the age of four, and was a smart and studious boy, he entered Beijing University when he was sixteen. Afterwards he became a nationally known astrophysicist, and was selected as a commissioner of the department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the vice-president of China Science and Technology University, and the director of the Center for Astrophysics of China Science and Technology University.
In 1980s, Mr. Lizhi Fang disseminated the idea of democracy and freedom in China, and openly challenged China Communist Party’s dictatorial system. His speech and political views were favored by countless Chinese people, and were widely spread among the young students and the intelligentsia. After the “Student Movement” took place in 1986, Mr. Lizhi Fang set a good example with his own conduct, and took the lead in supporting democratic appeals from the young students. It was Lizhi Fang, Binyan Liu, and Ruowang Wang that became the three leaders to support the students’ democratic movements. Xiaoping Deng, the potentate of the China communist government, could not tolerate Mr. Lizhi Fang’s speech and political views. Therefore, in 1987, during the movement of “oppose to bourgeois liberalization” held by the China communist government, Mr. Lizhi Fang was named by Xiaoping Deng, and was expelled from China Communist Party.
In 1989 when the Tiananmen Square Movement occurred, Mr. Lizhi Fang wrote an open letter to Xiaoping Deng, the chairman of the Central Military Commission of China Communist Party, to demand the release of democratic activists. Also, he criticized the political system of the China communist government, and publicly supported the student movements. After the June Forth Massacre, both Mr. Lizhi Fang and his wife named Ms. Shuxian Li, a pro-democracy activist, were wanted by the China communist government. Mr. Lizhi Fang and his wife were compelled to come to the United States Consulate in China for seeking refuge. After the senior officials of the American government stepped in and interfered, Mr. Lizhi Fang and his wife flied to England by an American military aircraft, and after half a year they arrived America, and then he taught in University of Arizona.

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