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The articles Democrats in China sent to the rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre
Date: 5/31/2012 11:31:44 AM Sender: CDP
Picture 1: The Democrats in China like Mr.Chen,Shuqing, Mr. Zhang, Lin, Mr. Wang, Sen, Mr. Qin Yongmin and his wife sent articles to Chairman Mr. Wang Jun for this rally.

The articles Democrats in China sent to the rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

The Democrats in China like Mr.Chen,Shuqing, Mr. Zhang, Lin, Mr. Wang, Sen, Mr. Qin Yongmin and his wife sent articles to Chairman Mr. Wang Jun for for the rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. The organizing group scheduled people read these articles.

Picture 2: China Democrat Mr.Zhang Lin in Anhui, China sent an article for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. The name of the article is “Remember Tiananmen Square Massacre, Remember Dedicators”. Ms. Wu, Jing read the article. Following is the whole content:

Remember Tiananmen Square Massacre, Remember Dedicators

This is a solemn day, reminds us of those revolutionary martyrs who have been killed, persecuted, imprisoned. In order to let all the Chinese people enjoy human rights, in order to let our future generations grow up healthily in a fair and just society, they devoted their youth, health and even lives.

This is a vigilant day. Our effort is not enough to stop the government using all kinds of ways to harm Chinese people without any consideration. They are using various toxic foods, increasingly polluted air and soil, and serious corruption to drag Chinese people into the suffering abyss.

This is a periscopical day. For 23 years, more and more people have been awaked. They realize the tragic fate of themselves, their future generations, and the whole nation. They are fighting now. In the past years, though with the harsh suppressions, more and more people are standing out. It is sure that they will get the final victory.

This is a congratulatory day. Congratulations to the China Democracy Party, which is under leadership of Chairman Junwang, has overcome various challenges. Congratulations to the achievement China Democracy Party get in promoting democracy and helping the persecuted democrats in China. Thank you so much.

Zhang, Lin
May 29, 2012
Anhui, China

Picture 3:Mr. Zhang, Lin and his wife Fang, Cao protested in front of Bengbu government in Anhui

The China Democracy Party member Mr. Zhang, Lin was born on Jun 2, 1963 in Bengbu, Anhui Province. In September, 1979, he studied at Tsinghua University and participated in democratic movements in the university. In 1986 he gave up his job and engaged in professional democratic movements in Anhui, Hainan, and Yunnan. In June, 1989, Zhang, Lin was sentenced two years because he organized and lead democratic movements in north Anhui and published large amounts of speeches. In May, 1994, he was sentenced three years of reeducation through labor since he engaged in democratic movements. In May, 1994, as he participated in and prepared for “Union of guaranteeing rights and interests of labors” and other democratic movements, he was sent back to Anhui and reeducated through three-year labor. After released in September, 1997, Zhang, Lin achieved a visa and came to America.

Zhang, Lin thought that he should launch democratic movements in Chinese mainland, therefore, he returned to China in October, 1998; He joined in China Democracy Party in the end of 1998 and then he was arrested and sentenced reeducation through three years of labor. On August 12, 2009, he was released for the fourth time.

Picture 4: China Democrat Mr.Wang, Sen in Sichuan, China wrote a poem for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Mr. Shao,Yifu read the poem. Following is the whole content:

I am the Shaman of the Wind
Come on, come on
You these homeless wild ghosts
Come on, come to my sky
Come to my window, do not be afraid
Tonight nobody can harm you
Death is strong, covered with armor
No power can attack it
Come on, fully realize the dream of equal life
Come on, the moonlight is purify
You belong to the group of counter-revolutionary, right-wings, ideological heresy, landlords, capitalists—people covered with stigma
You come from the group of people died in massacres, exiles, secret shots, diseases, starvation and torture---the whole life is suffering
Come on, all the people are brothers and sisters
From the earth
From the sky
From the place that is far away
From every direction
Holding my warmly invitation
Tonight let us hold a big party for ghosts together
Come on, I have already opened my heart
Engraving your names, gender and native place in the sky
Enlighten all your eyes on your way
I place all kinds of flowers on the ground
And the finest tobacco and champagne you like
All kinds of books and cakes
Come on, a hearty dinner is waiting for you

Come on, you these tragic wild ghosts
We sing together, dance together
Like old friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time
Talking about the time that is apart
Talking about the anecdote of encountering in Socrates
Talking about Akhmatova and her boyfriend
Talking about the happy time in school
As to the disaster on earth
You never take away, then forget it
Do not curse the tyrant, do not speak bad words of executioner
Even you get the eternal privilege
Life is too short to be ignored
Man has no enemy, enemy is also man
Forgive the enemy
We can get freedom at last

Come on, you these ghosts
Fully enjoy singing, enjoy drinking, enjoy laughing, enjoy the feast I provide
Dissipate the hatred
Let the pain lose its weight
Let our souls be eternal

Wang, Sen
May 27, 2012-5-31
Sichuan, China

Picture 5: Sen Wang’s picture taken before imprisonment

A brief introduction of Wang, Sen:
Wang, Sen, a leader of China Democracy Party in SiChuan. On November 23, 2000, QingHua Steel Factory located in Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, over 5,000 workers protested the government against the closure of the factory. The factory was demanded to dismiss the workers unconditionally. The protest was suppressed; several representatives of the workers were arrested. In December, 2000, led by Wang, Sen, some SiChuan CDP members covered Dazhou City streets with protests letters, demanded the unconditional release of the arrested worker representatives. Wang, Sen was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison by CCP. Wang, Sen is currently serving his term in prison.
Wang, Sen, one of the CDP leaders, was sentenced 10 years and suffering diabetes, and now was in life-threatening situations. His families requested medical parole, but has been rejected by the Administration. The outside world began to concern the fate of Wang, Sen. Wang, Sen's wife Wei, XinYu visited Wang, Sen in prison, and found that Wang, Sen lost about 50 lbs, looked very pale & very weak. Wei, XinYu revealed: he looks very thin, indescribably thin, and scary. His ankle seems to be smaller than my wrist. He looks very sad, very frightening. His face looks pale. He is very weak. His current situation is not good at all. I have no way to help him.
Wei, XinYu also said that the condition of the prison hospital was very poor, the fees were very expensive too. She is living with her two children, with no stable income, and she has to pay over 2000 yuan as Wang, Sen’s prison expense each year. She has no way to pay the additional costs. She has already sent over 1000 yuan to the hospital for the medical expense, while Wang, Sen showed no obvious improvement. Therefore she sent the prison medical parole request, but was refused at last, she was also warned that do not tell Wang, Sen’s information to others, or she would pay for the consequences.
In fact, Wang, Sen’s condition was completely caused by the inhumane torture in prison. Deng, YongLiang, a democratic movement member who was in the same detention center with Wang, Sen told our reporter: Wang, Sen was held together with Hu Mingjun who was also convicted for the same reason, they were often punished with confinement. He said: last year, at least four people in prison were frequently held together, they told me that political prisoners were treated badly, they were often confined, like Wang, Sen, Hu, Mingjun. Since they had short conversation when they met, they were confined for from 7 or 8 days to as much as a month. Hu Mingjun is brave enough to talk. All things sent to Hu, Mingjun by friends were refused by the government and were sent back.
Among CDP members in Sichuan China, six were in prison and suffer severe sentence. Six CDP members were sentenced severely, including Liu Xianbin, Hu Mingjun, She Wanbao, Ouyang Yi. All exposed CDP SiChuan Members were sentenced the most severe punishment. Other SiChuan dissidents included Li Bi-feng (phonetic), Huang Qi, Li Zhi (phonetic), were also sentenced, and two political prisoners of the Cultural Revolution who had unknown names, had been in ChuanZhong prison for over 30 years.
December 2000, In December, 2000, Wang, Sen, a primary representative CDP member in Sichuan Branch, was sentenced heavily for ten years in prison in the name of inciting and overthrowing state power.
Wang, Sen was released on July 2,2010.

Picture 6: China Democrat Mr.Chen,Shuqing in Zhejiang, China sent an article for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Ms. Wang, Lei read the article. Following is the whole content:

China Democrat Mr.Chen,Shuqing in Zhejiang, China wrote an article for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, which will be held in New York, USA. Following is the whole content:

To the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in New York, USA:

I was informed that from 11am to 3pm on May 29, 2012 China Democracy Party together with some pro-democracy organizations and groups will hold a Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in front of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, but I am unable to attend it since I am living in China. As a comrade, for some meaning also as a battle companion, I do appreciate that the rally organizer give me this chance to express my voice, and I feel so thankful for every attendant’s unwavering concern and support toward the democracy in China.

23 years ago, in between the spring and summer of 1989, like many countrymen, I attended this vigorous democracy movement with enthusiasm. But the gunshots of Tiananmen Square Massacre took away many youths and citizens’ lives, and among them were my classmates. For example, Zhang, Weihua, Geography major in Hangzhou University, came from Jinning, Zhejiang. In the middle of June that year, while verifying the victims, I went to the Department of Foreign Languages in Hangzhou Normal University, and saw his sister Zhang,Weiying there. The blood of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre precisely declared to the world of Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship and its reactionary nature, shattering the only hope I left for Chinese Communist Party. From that time on, I firmly determined to fight for people’s real democracy in China, abolish the one-party dictatorship.

I give my special thanks to the numerous revolutionary martyrs who fight for China’s prosperity, and for people’s liberation. It is them that light the navigation of my life. I also want to give my special thanks to our democratic predecessors. It is Chinese pro-democracy movement, including China Democracy Party, that let me find my way in life, just like a soldier finds his troop.

The democracy in China is a huge program. All the people, both at home and abroad, work together, then it will be better defend human rights, promote the democracy reforms in social system. At last, in the same time of congratulating the success of this rally, I, on behalf of all the democrats fighting in China, thanks again for the pro-democracy groups and individuals overseas of their consistent support toward the democracy in China. Especially, I want to thank Chairman Jun Wang for his and other members of China Democracy Party’s long-term help.

Chen, Shuqing
May 29, 2012
Zhengjiang, China

Picture 7: The China Democracy Party members Mr.Chen, Shuqing(left) and Wu, Yilong(right)

Chen, Shuqing resume

Chen, ShuQing, male, was born on September 26, in Zhejiang Province, Fuyang city, Xindeng town, studied at Zhejiang University (the original name is Hangzhou University) and got a master degree of science, in 1999 became one of the China Democracy national committee principals. He participated in the 86 Zhejiang Student Movements as well as the 89 National Democratic Movement.
In July 1998, he joined China's democratic Zhejiang organizing committee.
September 24, 1999, 10 policemen of Hangzhou municipal public security bureau burst into his home and tool him away and then search the whole house and took the address book away. Chen, Shuqing took over the jobs which was left by the arrested members Wu, Yilong, Zhu, Yufu, and other China Democracy backbones, Li, Hong was responsible for China Democracy Party national committee's work, but was arrested soon.
In 2004, Chen, Shuqing participate in national judicial examination, obtains 383 points total, more than 360 points as qualified marks, in December 21, 2004, through Hangzhou justice bureau to accept the application and material for defendant. After checking, department of Justice of Zhejiang Province thought his application does not comply with “the legal profession qualification certificate administration method” of article 3 (due to participation in China Democracy Party activities), hence in January 31, 2005 had the decision of " Zhejiang province examine permit [2005] no. 1 "refuse to give administrative licensing decision. Therefore, Chen, Shuqing didn’t get the qualification as a lawyer. Chen,Shuqing got harassment by the police many times for participation in China's democratic activities
October 17, 2006 at 4:30 PM: China Democracy Party member Chen, ShuQing had been formally arrested for "incitement to subvert state power".

August 16, 2007, Communist Party of China sentenced Chen, Shuqing for four years as incitement to subvert state power sin.
September 13, 2010, Chen, Shuqing finished four years prison of term to be released.
February 21, 2012, Mr. Chen, Shuqing was arrested again by the CCP.

Picture 8: China Democrats Mr.Qin Yongmin’s wife Ms. Wang, Xifeng in Wuhan, Hubei wrote an article for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Ms. Hong, Mei read the article Following is the whole content:

China Democrats Mr.Qin Yongmin’s wife Ms. Wang, Xifeng in Wuhan, Hubei wrote an article for the Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, which will be held in New York, USA. Following is the whole content:

This is the 23rd annual commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre!

1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre is the most horrible event in human history. It is hard to accept such a bloody event happened in the street of the capital city, in such a big country.

Every year around the Tiananmen Square Massacre event time, the whole nation, even the whole world, would have all kinds of actions. Sadly, in the past twenty years, people’s anger just remains as anger. The authorities ignore the protests and demands from folks, trying to eliminate everything.

But, today’s China is not the old China. Its market economy and civil society have been mature, and has put the Tiananmen Square Massacre event on the agenda. If the government does not solve it, then people will solve it by themselves. Everyone with a clear mind knows this.

It is well known to all that the major responsible person of Tiananmen Square Massacre has already passed away. It is the same that the new country leader Ma, Yingjiu in Taiwan has nothing to do with the “228” blood event. Therefore, they can admit the mistake devoutly. If so, they do not need to pay any prices for this past event. On the contrary, they can set a friendly and loving image among people, trying to gain their heart. Then, a new era of democracy society will be opened.

Time and tide wait for no man. It is a great time to give back a true image of the Tiananmen Square Massacre event. Once lost the chance, do not say any words of no preparation.

Here, I want to give my special thanks to the preparatory groups for their invitation.
Wang, Xifeng
May 29, 2012
Wuhan, China

Picture 9: Qin,Yongmin and his wife Wang,Xifeng

CPD member Mr. Qin, Yongmin

Qin,Yongmin was born on Aug 11, 1953 in Wuhan, Hubei province. He is one of the main founders of CDP and famous democratic personnel.
In 1969 after he graduated from middle school, he was forcefully sent to rural areas as educated youth at the age of 16, the next year he criticized the society in his diary and was found by others, he was reeducated for “hatchet job” and returned to county afterwards, he was recruited in Wuhan Steel Co. in 1976.
At the end of 1978, Qin,Yongmin attended democratic wall movements; he was arrested at home in April, 1981and sentenced 8 years in prison for “crime of counterrevolutionary propaganda and incitement” in Mach the next year, deprived political rights for three years, and was released in 1989.
In Dec, 1993, CCP charged him with disturbing public peace and he reformed through labor for two years and was released at the end of 1995.
In July, 1998, Qin,Yongmin and others openly established “China Democracy Party Hubei organizing committee”, in Nov 30, Qin,Yongmin was taken away by police from home; On Dec. 1st , 1998, CCP officially arrested Qin,Yongmin for “subverting state power”.

On Dec. 22, 1998, Qin,Yongmin was sentenced 12 years in prison.
On Nov 29, 2010, Qin,Yongmin was released after 12 years in prison, and finished his third time in jail. Up to now, Qin,Yongmin has been tortured for 22 years in CCP prison fighting for democratic cause in China.

China Democracy Party
China Democracy Journal
China Democracy Forum
May 30, 2012

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