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Meet the ‘Real District Leader’ of Flushing
Date: 6/1/2012 10:00:55 AM Sender: Queens politics

                         Meet the ‘Real District Leader’ of Flushing

She’s back (but she never left).

Martha Flores Vazquez wants to be your next Assembly woman and she has the grassroots support to rival any potential challengers.

Vazquez, who has lived in the 22nd Assembly District (now the 40th) for 34 years, got her start in politics as an activist. She climbed the ropes of local politics to become District leader in 2002. Since then she has been busy building a resume of public service.

Vazquez is not a politician; she is a people person. She earned her Masters in Psychology from CUNY, and her professional experience working at a social service agency helps her to understand the inner dynamics of the neighborhood she seeks to represent.

“For me the candidates haven’t been in the district long enough. They claim a lot but in reality they are not known in the community – they disappear then reappear during election. There has to be consistency when you’re serving a community.” she said.

Vazquez has earned a reputation as a mediator, a steam valve, a shoulder to cry on. Most recently she has been in negotiation with the landlords of a building in Flushing to ensure handicap accessibility. During the week, she can be seen at all the community functions and civic meetings.

Her political tenure has not always been a slam dunk. In 2010, Vasquez was thrown off the ballot for a technicality. After receiving the support of 3,200 signatures on her petitions, the word ‘female’ was missing on the petition and the Board of Elections rendered the signatures invalid.

It was a minor setback but it did not stop Vazquez from her volunteerism. In the eyes of friends and neighbors she will always be the official District leader.

“Even though I was thrown off due to a technicality – the community still treats me as a District leader,” said Vasquez. “And I return that respect by putting others before myself.”

Vasquez will run for the 40th Assembly District in an open seat if Grace Meng – who has not ruled out running for Assembly – wins the race for the sixth Congressional District. Vasquez has already filed a committee.



她回来了, 但事实上她从未离开过。


巴斯克斯已经在这个社区生活了34年。 她的政治生涯从当一个积极分子开始。她一路攀登着当地的政治绳索, 在2002年成了社区领导人。 从那以后, 她一直忙于树立良好的公共形象。

巴斯克斯不是一个政治家, 她是一个有血有肉的人。 她在纽约市立大学获取心理学硕士学位, 她在社会服务机构的专业经验帮助她更好地了解社区。

“我认为这些候选人都没有在社区待够足够的时间。 他们说的很好,但事实上并不了解这个社区。 他们经常只在选举期间才会出现。 服务社区要求一个连续性。”

巴斯克斯赢得了一个非常好的荣誉, 她是一个调节者,像一个蒸汽阀门, 是一个可以倚靠的肩膀。最近, 她还在跟一幢建筑的业主商谈要求保证无障碍残疾通道。在这周间, 你可以在社区和公民会议上到处看到她的身影。

她的政治任期并不是一帆风顺的。 在2010年, 由于一个术语问题她的选票变为无效。收到3200个为她请愿的签名之后, 由于在请愿书上“女性”这个词缺失, 选举委员会宣布签名无效。

这只是一个小小的挫折,但它并没有阻扰巴斯克斯志愿服务的脚步。在朋友和邻居的眼中, 她一直是社区领导。

巴斯克斯说:“尽管由于术语问题我选举失败了, 但社区依然把我当做一个社区领导。 我也用服务大家作为对此的感谢。”

巴斯克斯将竞选40届社区领导。 如果蒙.格蕾丝取消竞选, 她将在一个空缺的情况下竞选。 巴斯克斯已经在委员会存档。

Every year at her birthday party, Martha's friends and supporters buy her a cake with the inscription, "Martha, the Real District Leader."

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