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In Memory of China Democrat Mr. LI, Wangyang
Date: 6/8/2012 11:47:00 AM Sender: CDP
In Memory of China Democrat Mr. LI, Wangyang

The China Democrat Mr. Li, Wangyang, who was the Hunan Labor movement leader in familiar with 1989 pro-democracy movement in China, died on June 6, 2012. All the China democrats were extremely sorrowful. The Chairman of China Democracy Party and Proprietor of China Democracy Journal Mr.Wang, Jun expressed his grief to Mr. Li, Wangyang’s death, and sent his greetings to his family.

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VOA reported: The China Democrat Mr. Li, Wangyang, who was the Hunan Labor movement leader in 1989 pro-democracy movement in China, died mysteriously in the hospital in Shaoyang city. It seemed like a suicide, but relatives and friends questioned his death. Li, Wangyang’s brother-in-law Zhao, Baozhu told VOA, around 6am on June 6, hospital called that Li, Wangyang was dead, and looked like suicide. He went to the hospital room, seeing Li, Wangyang hanging in the window. However, Li, Wangyang’s friend, Li, Zanmin said that Li, Wangyang’s body was erected in the window; a ribbon was on his neck.

According to report: :Li, Wangyang’s relatives and friends all felt unbelievable to his death, saying he did not commit suicide even he had been in a long-term torture before. They also said, Li, Wangyang was a very optimistic man, and his health condition was changing better. He never had any suicide idea when he was alive. When talking about Li, Wangyang’s death, Zhao,Baozhu said: “We are questioning this . Yesterday morning he was still good and never had any suicide thought.”

According to report: China Democrat Zhu, Chengzhi in Hunan was Li, Wangyang’s old classmate. He told VOA, “I cannot believe this. Wangyang is a high determined person. Even he has to suffer a lot, he would endure rather than ending his life.” Relative Zhao, Baozhu said that Li, Wangyang just told his sister that he wanted to buy a radio to stimulate his weak hearing left ear. This last first-hand information let his relatives and friends believed that he wants to live.

The report also said, Guangzhou human rights lawyer Tang, Jingling analyzed to VOA that Li, Wangyang’s death had a close relationship with Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Picture 1: on August 2011, a group picture of China Democrat Mr. Li, Wangyang (left 2) and his friends.

Picture 2: On August 2011, China Democrat Mr. Li, Wangyang (left 1) has been blind already.

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