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The notice about expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democratic Party
Date: 9/2/2013 8:52:17 PM Sender: CDP
The notice about expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democratic Party

China Democracy Party has made a decision: Expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democracy Party; revoking his title of Vice president of China Democracy party; taking away his power inside the party. From now on, Chen, Jianliang’s actions are his personal actions and the actions of Chinese Communist agent. All these have nothing to do with China Democracy Party, and Chen, Jianliang and any agent organization he belongs to must take full responsibility. This will be effective from September 2, 2013.

The reasons for Chen, Jianliang’s expelling from China Democracy Party:

First, In order to replace his expired passport in America, Chen, Jianliang colluded with Chinese Communist agents, and leaked China Democracy Party’s information and the president of China Democracy Party Mr. Wang, Jun’s personal information to them. As a result, Chen, Jianliang got the new passport issued by Chinese Consulate General in New York successfully. Also with the help of Chinese Communist agents, Chen, Jianliang successfully reached Hong Kong which is governed by Chinese Communist government with the new passport, and got the Chinese Communist agent training.

Second, Chen, Jianliang colluded with parties having Chinese Communist background, and repeatedly trying to let China Democracy Party members join the parties belong to the Communist government.

Third, with the presence of China Democracy Party president Mr. Wang, Jun, Chen, Jianliang firmly stated Chinese Communist agents’ breaking plan, threatening that the China Democracy Party under the leadership of President Mr. Wang, Jun would break up completely in a second. Chen, Jianliang also threatened Mr. Wang, Jun that this time was not the same as before, and he was sure he would destroy his party..( Note: Chen, Jianliang was involved many times in the activities of breaking up the China Democracy Party under Mr. Wang, Jun’s leadership.)

Fourth, Chen, Jianliang kept China Democracy Party members’ information and phone number for his private use. Then, he called them, asking them to join other parties belonging to Chinese Communist agents.

Fifth, Chen, Jianliang deliberately spread rumors inside China Democracy party, and made troubles, trying to separate and disintegrate the party.

Sixth, taking advantage of operating computer, Chen, Jianliang tried to control the China Democracy party under President Mr. Wang, Jun’s leadership, and stop the connection between people in America and China Democracy party members and their families in China, affecting China Democracy Party’s communication and development.

In order to gain personal interest, Chen, Jianliang betrayed China Democracy party’s interest. His action has already violated China Democracy Party’s mission. Therefore, China Democracy Party Organization Department has made a decision after study, which is expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democracy Party; revoking his title of Vice president of China Democracy party; and taking away his power inside the party.

China Democratic Party Organization Department
September 2. 2013

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