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The Army in China must be nationalized
Date: 8/5/2014 11:22:34 PM Sender: CDP
The Army in China must be nationalized
--- only the nationalization can best solve Chinese army’s corruption problem

On August 5, 2014 at noon, the China Democracy Party held a rally in front of Chinese Consulate General ; the theme is “the Army in China must be nationalized” and “only the nationalization can best solve Chinese army’s corruption problem”.


At the moment that China’s army has serious corruption problem, the rally of “The Army in China must be nationalized” means a lot to solve the corruptive problem in the army.


On June 30 2014, the former vice chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission Xu, Caihou was expelled from the party. Xu, Caihou’s down at one side shows Chinese Communist party’s determination of anti-corruption in the army, at the other side also shows that there is a big problem in Chinese military style. People should learn Xu, Houcai’s lesson and strict military style construction; this is following Chinese Communist Party’s arrangement and it also responses to Present Xi, Jinping’s indication about military style building.

Earlier, some analysts have pointed out that since Xi, Jinping becomes the new Central Military Commission, rectification and regulation process are process launched simultaneously. And along with Xu, Houcai’s punishment, the Chinese officials would further purge the army, strengthening the military style and discipline system construction.


Clearly, the most dangerous corruption in China is military corruption.

Corruption has become a cancer in Chinese society. Under the influence of corrupted culture, only the ones who can adjust survive; in such a big environment, even Chinese army could not get away from it, and become a source of corruption……

There is a strange phenomenon in China right now. Corrupt government officials have different titles; the corrupt levels are also different.


In these days, time is changing, all the businesses are changing, and the Chinese army is also changing.

In recent years, the military spending Chinese government uses to maintain is increasing in double digit growth. However, these bring more serious corruption. It is a very difficult question for the new regime.

So what is the exact amount that is taken by the corrupted Chinese communist government officials? Chinese military corruption has led the country in jeopardy.

Thus, the most urgent thing now is to punish military corruption.


Since the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission Xi, Jinping host the military work, he vigorously straightens discipline.

On December 2012, Xi, Jinping put forward a "strong army Dream" at the time of inspection Guangzhou Military, asked the army "can fight, win the war" and strictly managing army.
Subsequently, the Central Military Commission issued a notice of "Ten CMC strengthen their own style building regulations," which includes many strict rules, giving the CCP corruption a heavy blow.


However, the corruption problem in Chinese army is caused by one-party dictatorship.

Therefore, only the nationalization can best solve Chinese army’s corruption problem.


Since the end of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Chinese Communist Party, and along with the “ strong military theory”, the Chinese army changed a lot, especially the frequency of personal changes, and corruption has put in law. All the meeting rooms of the whole army and other armed force branches all are decorated with the inscriptions written by Mao, Zedong, Deng, Xiaoping, Jiang, Zemin, Hu, Jingtao and Xi, Jinping, the only one that is missing is Huo, Guofeng whom Mao, Zedong really liked.

Though the Chinese army has changed its original authoritarian regime leaders’ style, the army actually still using the theory of "Party commands the gun" to run, which has nothing to do with the modern state governance. The Chinese army newspaper published every year of the argument about "anti-nationalization of the military", emphasizing the army must totally obey a Communist Party leadership.

So where does Chinese army exactly belong to? Is it national army or party’s army? What is a normal relationship between the army and the country? If China wants to be a modern state in the true sense, China has to face the history of the subject of army’s nationalization.

People may have already forgotten that Chinese Communist Party advocated the naturalization of army in history.

After the 1945 war, in order to end the separation situation, Jiang Jieshi proposed the political idea of “democratization of the politics and nationalization of the army”, hoping two parties can solve the problem peacefully, avoiding civil war through reorganizing the national army, troops separate from all political parties, formation a government united with all political parties, and convened the Constituent national Assembly constitution. Thus, a peaceful, united, democratic, united new China will be built together.

The Chinese Communist Party’s attitude is a high-profile response and leveraging the power. On September 27, 1945, the Chinese Communist leader Mao, Zedong replied to the Reuter reporter Campbell that “we are completely in favors of the nationalization of the army, and abolishing the ownership of the army. However the common premise of these two things is the democratization of the country. He also interpreted the Chinese Communist army as a new army which is formed by all the Chinese people voluntarily and merely serve to defend the country.


The history has approved that army which just belong to one party is not conducive to the country's political stability. As a national machinery, army should be used for the public, and it has to obey the Constitution and laws, safeguard national interests, adherence to defend the national territory and the public safety duties. The army should stay political neutrality and free from political command, not become a tool of political struggle.

Army is a relatively closed special group, and it is under "absolute leadership". Thus it will inevitably produce absolute corruption. In recent years, is open secret that Chinese army do recruitment quota trading and sell military license plate; the less public ones includes the trade between military title, rank and real estate. All these are quite similar to Qing dynasty’s Banners, Green Camp.


Chinese army’s corruption lies in opaque system of one-party dictatorship.

Experience from developed countries shows that nationalization of the army is the best way to solve corruption problem.

This rally ended up successfully with people shouting the slogans requesting the army to be nationalized. Here is the slogan content:
Oppose corruption
Against corruption
Nationalization of the army
democratization of politics
End of one-party ruling
Establishing of a democratic China

China Democracy Party
China Democracy Journal
August 5 2014

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