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Abolishing Family Planning; Restoring Health of the Whole Nation
Date: 3/3/2015 8:09:22 PM Sender: CDP

Abolishing Family Planning; Restoring Health of the Whole Nation

On March 3, 2015, People can still see ice and snow everywhere in New York and wind howling. China Democracy party members still insists to hold their ally in front of the Chinese Consulate General as before, putting forward their demands and advocating the establishment of a democratic China.

The theme of Today's meeting is: Abolishing Family Planning; Restoring Health of the Whole Nation


China Democratic Party raised a deep question of population health in the rally.

What determines a nation or a country’s rise or fall? It has ins external reasons, and also its internal reasons. There are reasons for its surface, and also reason for the deep side, which is population health.


Population health includes population size, quality, and structure. Who is the subject of human social activities, all of the competition in the final analysis are the people involved in the competition, all the strength in the final analysis are attached or with human strength. The population is ethnic and national life support, the population is a source of national strength and competitiveness of the country, so long-term changes in population strength determines the strength of the nation and the country, the population is ethnic and national foundation of ups and downs, the long-term demographic final decision nation and the fate of the country.

Why the United States can become the first among the world? because the United States has the strongest population among all the developed countries.
Why US economy is ten times better than Canada? Because the US population is also ten times better than Canada in a similar system, economic conditions. Why Japan cannot go beyond American? Because the same as the higher of the US population in developed countries is 2.5 times that of Japan and Japan's ultra-low fertility rate and the strength of the US population continues to grow. Why the world is optimistic about China and India? Because China and India has large population.


In the study of globalization and catching up with each other in various countries, the difference deduction rate of aging and the development of different cultures, per capita GDP, per capita years of education, the number of R & D personnel, such as thousands of people have long-term trend of the average index of convergence (with the population the number has nothing to do), the final decision of the population strength of economic, technological, and military strength.
This is the root reason of why the world is so optimistic about China and India, and it is also China’s biggest strengths and core competencies in the competition among big countries. However, China has to abandon it.

Under the same conditions, the more the population, the stronger the population.
Under the same number of people, the higher quality of the population the stronger population.

At the same time the population structure also affects the strength and population change, such as a high proportion of the child population, which means that the strength of the growth in the population, whereas the opposite; the younger demographic, the same quality under a single national population stronger, whereas the opposite.

Because the CCP "less gifted education students' errors propaganda, many Chinese people and the quality of the population against each other.
In fact, the contrary, is not necessarily less gifted education students, more students but ultimately improve population quality.
Fewer problems caused by the growth of one child is not conducive to healthy growth and development of the child.
Now fewer future serious aging problem, the inevitable future pension spending squeeze investment in education, fewer long-term growth is not conducive to investment in education; and now have more, some countries to increase investment in human capital expenditures, future aging light, adequate labor force, capable of maintaining investment in education continues to grow.
Therefore, the end result is fewer can improve population quality, but the one-child issues and bring heavy aging.

Population, economic strength and scientific strength, broad market, the development of high income and low per capita cost, low investment risk, population but more conducive to the development and utilization of resources, population can "jump" more resources. The nature of the resource is its ability to take advantage of the economic substance of the human and technological strength of the decision, thus creating a resource population.

Under globalization, territories and resources are increasingly lost the borders, the impact on ethnic and national prosperity increasingly weak. At the same time, the population has created resources. Thus the territory and its resources are not decided on the rise and fall of the nation and the country's most central factor.

In determining national and national prosperity pillar, the population is the foundation.
If there is no population, or a large population decline, no matter how good the system is no matter how good the cultural significance of the large decline of the population will be doomed our large decline in other areas can not be changed anyway. On the contrary, even now the system is not good, and now the ideological and cultural climate is not good, as long as the high fertility or above replacement level fertility in generations, the population strength maintained by changing the system of social progress, we are still very hopeful future and the future prosperity of opportunities open to us forever.


There is a saying, "As long as people, everything can start all over again." Conversely, people did not, or that there is no population strength, every opportunity not belong to you. The collapse of the population, the Chinese nation is the first big danger!

The Chinese government should focus on the construction of the population, the abolition of family planning.


Family planning and one-child policy in China's future self-destruct.
No other toss, low fertility achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation destroyed hope.
Even better state system and then outstanding national culture, low fertility of China and the Chinese nation will face a big decline rapidly degenerated into an old and small and weak country and endangered nation!

China is now the mother of a child at birth is 26 years of age plural, that is now the subject of fertility after 80 girls, followed by 90 and 00 after the girl. Now young people is a high pressure, the city does not have to say, the vast majority do not want to stay in the rural countryside after 80, there is no house in the city are mostly low-income and high cost of living the high cost of raising children, the fertility rate must also low, even more so the future of China .

Since the beginning of this century, China's population situation and important changes. China low birth rate stable and little decrease. If you maintain the current family planning policy, the total fertility rate will continue to decline, after a rapid decrease in the total population of the peak is reached, the impact of long-term balanced development of population.

Chinese population increasingly prominent structural problems. In 2012, the working-age population began to decrease, and population aging faster. Long-term high sex ratio at birth in the past 20 years has been more than 115, still up to 117.7 in 2012.

China shrinking family size, from 4.43 in 1982 to 3.10 in 2010 people who fell.
Elderly people living alone increased the proportion of households. China now has more than 150 million households-child families, leading to marriage, birth, old age and other traditional functions of the family weakened, decreased ability to resist risks. 2012, experts estimate that China has at least one million families lost independence, the new 76,000 annually.


Third Plenary Session of the 18th CCP to make adjustments to improve fertility policy decisions and arrangements, explicit requirements "adhere to the basic state policy of family planning, start the implementation of the party is the only child of the couple's two children policy can gradually adjust and improve family planning policy, promote long-term balanced development of population. "

However, this is not enough.

December 7, 2013, Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission official said, a separate two-child policy is expected to begin early in 2014 and gradually implemented. And said that this is a long-term policy, once introduced, before the country specific policies, the parents do not need to grab students. December 23, the sixth meeting of the second session of the National People's Congress to consider the motion on the deliberation of the State Council, "the resolution on the adjustment and improvement of reproductive policy (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the resolution (draft)) of.

However, this is not enough.

Parts of China have their own different rules, such as Jiangxi, Henan, Jiangsu and other places, both spouses in a coal mine in one continuous mining operations in more than five years, and is still engaged in coal underground mining operations, only the birth of a girl, can be a second child; Hebei, Shandong and other places specified in marine operations fishermen coastal fishing areas, only a child can be a second child; Shandong Province also provides one of the spouses due to non-hereditary disability incapacity, only the birth of a girl can also be re-birth of a child.

However, this is not enough.


As China Democracy Party members, we strongly urge: In order to restore the health of the whole nation, we have to abolishing family planning completely! Restore health of the Chinese nation, abolishing the one-child policy!


Making China of a developed country with the strongest and highest population, and finally resume a big country’s responsibility of human mission.

China Democratic Party
China Democracy Journal
March 3, 2015

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