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Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of June 4th 1989 Event
Date: 6/2/2015 10:05:52 PM Sender: VOA
Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of June 4th 1989 Event
----Memorizing martyrs who made great sacrifice in the June 4th 1989 event

On June 2, 2015, the China Democracy Party held a rally named “Commemorating the 26th anniversary of June 4th 1989 event” in front of the China Consulate General in New York, memorizing martyrs who made great sacrifice in the June 4th 1989 event.


PLA bloody massacre of citizens and students events June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, not only shocked Europe and the world, but also in the global wave of angry protests forced the communist government in Eastern Europe can not then force to suppress the people, leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe group one by one.
To this end, "June 4th 1989 event" anniversary has become an important anniversary in the history of the world.


This year is 26 anniversary of "June 4th 1989 event", a large global observances being prepared.

June incident is Chinese people against the Communist tyranny corruption, pursue national dream, free spirits monument.
June Fourth massacre, although later twenty-six anniversary, but it will always be China's national humiliation, are the healthy development of China's social and political deadlock around the past.

“June 4th 1989 event" is the CCP dictatorship Blood and mind. CCP very afraid all celebration. To this end, the CCP has recently taken a number of measures: for example, six 89 four former folk can not engage in large-scale rallies, Chinese people out of Tiananmen still need to show identification. This shows that the monumental 89 June 4 repeat itself far-reaching!


Our overseas, to take full advantage of our freedom, to organize large-scale celebrations, to commemorate the great dedication, “June 4th 1989 event" martyrs, and put this information back to China.

We have such an opportunity and the American people together, we have to put this information tells domestic conscientious friend, let them know that many people who support democracy abroad have not forgotten us or support us. Please be assured that we will be long-term adherence, until the implementation of a democratic China that day.


Starting April 28, pro-democracy activists have launched series of commemorative activities in Las Vegas. 28 pm, they were close to Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, was held to promote “June 4th 1989 event"commemoration theme of truth. Dissemination of information about the 89 books site June 4 the truth, the Chinese always Tours expose the CCP bloody 1989 crackdown June 4 student's atrocities.

The reason why the venue organizers set in Las Vegas instead of China Town, is the fact that most Chinese City is Habitat Mei Chinese, their 89 June 4 are aware of the truth, not like in Las Vegas Adams Avenue on tourists from mainland China, as may be affected by the CCP deceived deceived, 89 June 4 the truth is not clear, not even to know the truth. In the event, there are several Chinese tourists afraid to come near to receive books. One said it wants the book, but the fear of the presence of reporters photographed newspapers, repatriation have trouble getting himself into trouble.

This fully reflects the Chinese mainland authorities vigorously red terror and political persecution reality. History can not be tampered with, the truth can not be deceived. Only by respecting the history, society will progress, countries have hope.


Activities scene cartoon characters and visitors to interact and provide free photographs, attracted a large number of tourists stop, many of them tourists and students from China. Tourists photograph positive and cartoon characters, and signatures and collect books. Books is a famous historical literature scholar, participants and witnesses of the movement of 1989. Mr. Wu Renhua of three books, "bloody Tiananmen cleared insider", "June incident in the troops" and "June incident whole record," were recorded process 89 June 4 massacre, participation in "89 June 4" massacre of the PLA troops and martial law on the basis of this special recording of the narrative complete 89 June 4 the entire process.


In addition, the US Congress needs to preparatory June 4 on the "89 June 4" issues hearings. Promote "Let Bingzhang participate daughter's wedding," the signature campaign. China is serving a life sentence prisoners of conscience, Chinese pro-democracy movement pioneer that Mr Wang's daughter Wang Tianan is scheduled for July 11 wedding ceremony. Wang Tianan published an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama to the open letter, urging them to expand the strong diplomatic action to bring about the release of Wang Bingzhang and attend his daughter's wedding. We will launch global activities with other human rights organizations appealed to all parties in this activity as a signature and solidarity "89 June 4" to commemorate the part actively promoted.

Shandong Linyi activist Li Xiangyang's poem "bells," said the better:

Trying to keep your eyes open
He has not seen the light
In order to move forward
I squeeze the fat
Lit a lamp
Passing on the heritage
Please pick up my head
Hit ringing bells greet the dawn. "
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Let us all together one minute of silence to commemorate "89 June 4" heroic martyrs to commemorate the cause of freedom of the people they are oppressed by the communist regime made great dedication!

Chinese Democratic Party
China Democracy Journal
June 2, 2015

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