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Maintaining Internet Freedom; Ensuring World Peace
Date: 7/7/2015 10:30:31 PM Sender: CDP
                                                                            Maintaining        Internet Freedom; Ensuring World Peace        

                On July 7, 2015, China Democracy Party held a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate General in New York: "Maintaining Internet Freedom; Ensuring World Peace.”


                June 4, 2015 the US government announced the evening, there are more than 4 million federal employees were hackers to steal information, but the attacks are likely to come from the CCP hackers, which from the largest-ever federal data theft incident, may make America, in the upcoming annual "strategic and economic dialogue" cast a shadow.

The US government has ever suffered, the largest data theft. All federal employees currently 210 million people, and 2 million "social security number" former federal employees, and other "personally identifiable information" falling into the hands of hackers.



Hacker attacks were federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) said that the attacks had begun, at least from the end of 2014. In April this year, the federal government called "Einstein" a new network security systems, to detect network anomalies. After the guard authorities in place, announced the news.
                OPM's network database, not only to store personal information of federal employees, including employee background checks and security report, which is part of the information on this attack did not leak.

                Congress Senate Intelligence Committee member Susan. Collins said authorities believe hackers from China, and the Chinese government and relevant.


Another US intelligence official told Bloomberg, hackers may filter out facing economic or marital problems, federal employees and master sensitive information, further bribery or extortion.

            Face charges, the Chinese government announced that by no means easy to find the source of the hacker and denies strike again.


But a US federal officials on the "New York Times" that the United States in recent years to strengthen the monitoring into the United States through international cyber attacks, to track more skilled.

                This is an important network in the past year, the federal government, the third compromised. Earlier, the White House and the State Department's e-mail system was compromised, the hacker allegedly from Russia.

                Subsequently, according to hackers it believed to be from China, and once again targeting the application "top-secret privilege" of federal employees, try to steal their application documents. However, the scope of the first two attacks, far and wide this time. The Obama administration is assessing the impact of this incident, the FBI investigation has been launched.


The United States in February this year "Worldwide Security Assessment Report" that the greatest threat facing the United States, is the network security. The main threat comes from the Chinese Communist Party and its ally Russia, as well as Iran and North Korea.

                Later this month, the US and Chinese leaders will hold a seventh round of the "strategic and economic dialogue" in Washington, network security, may be unavoidable issue. United States and China have accused by other cyber attacks, the difference is that Chinese hackers are not usually accused of civil behavior, but the Chinese government support. US government less vulnerable to similar charges.

                Similar problems also caused controversy in China. China Social Science Network article July 7, 2014 states: absolute Internet freedom caused absolute network security attacks.
Therefore, "maintaining network security for each country can be spared the need to vigorously promote international cooperation." September 2011, the country China and Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the United Nations sent a letter to the Permanent Representative of the UN Secretary General, requested by these countries jointly drafted the "International Code of Conduct information security" as the first official document of the 66th UN General Assembly .


A third group of governmental experts of information security through the United Nations two years of hard work and negotiations, finally reached in June last year and issued a consensus report. The report on many large issues of principle reached a consensus position, the views and interests of all parties have been demands certain embodiments, such as recognition of the principle of sovereignty of the network, recognized in international law, especially the Charter applies in cyberspace sex, and commitment to confidence-building measures, and strengthening of developing countries in a network technical support and assistance and so on. This report whether the principle of network security such macro-level, or in specific measures such as the micro level, have made great progress, "can become a basis for future development of the international community in cyberspace international rules."


                Internet as an important infrastructure of the country, although the world connects, but not without borders. Chinese government primary 张一国 Internet sovereign jurisdiction belonging to the national level, demands respect and safeguard the sovereign rights of the Internet. Chen workers believe that this idea is in line with Chinese government development needs cyberspace, and respond to security concerns of all countries to the Internet. Internet development is very balanced international stage, few countries hold absolute advantage of resources and technology, to deny countries have their own cyberspace, the Internet denial of their sovereign rights of States, will lead to the law of the jungle cyberspace prevailed, they will be right most of the world network of people put a few hands. Over the years a number of countries the name of human rights and freedoms under the banner network, the use of network technology to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, this approach not only exacerbated the confrontation and conflict in cyberspace, but not conducive to peace and stability in the world.
The current trend of militarization of cyberspace has become increasingly clear that the establishment of a network of space combat system. In order to maintain security in cyberspace, to develop the necessary network of military force despite its rationality, but if caught in an arms race would be dangerous. Implementation of network operations need to consider the special nature of self-defense in cyberspace, such as how to define network attacks, how to find and fix network attack, how to avoid collateral damage caused by network operations. Before these questions is no trusted solutions to identify and use the right of self-defense network there will be a big loophole, it bears a great risk.
Some countries even the right to self-defense and the right to self-defense network in the real world linked, it would shake the international legal basis for the maintenance of world peace, against war, disrupting the international order. But arouse our attention.


As China Democracy Party Members, we proclaim: Maintaining        Internet Freedom; Ensuring World Peace        

Chinese Democratic Party
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                July 7, 2015

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