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Zhang, Guidi :Requirements “release human rights lawyer, human rights in China.”
Date: 8/4/2015 5:06:16 PM Sender: Zhang, Guidi
Zhang, Guidi :Requirements “release human rights lawyer, human rights in China.”
张桂弟(Zhang, Guidi)
Recently, the Chinese Communist regime to suppress large-scale human rights lawyer, so far China has been all over the country there are hundreds of lawyers were under criminal detention, residential surveillance, interviews, subpoena or missing. The deterioration of human rights in China has shocked international opinion!
The US State Department spokesman Kirby issued a written statement that: In recent days, Chinese police officers systematically detain peaceful means to defend the rights of others who, in a lawful manner, including official policy challenges, we feel very Shock. China's new national security law to be used as the legal basis for human rights violations, cause us deep concern. We strongly urge the Chinese Communist regime to respect the rights of all citizens, to release all people who seek to protect the rights of Chinese citizens have been detained.
Amnesty International also called on Chinese authorities to stop suppressing human rights lawyer.
We Chinese Democrat request: "release human rights lawyer, human rights in China" and advocated independence of the judiciary is required to engage in judicial workers should have legal protection.

Zhang, Guidi
August 4, 2015

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