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Xie, Wenhong: The Awakening of Citizenship and Civil Society
Date: 3/3/2019 6:43:53 PM Sender: Xie, Wenhong
Xie, Wenhong: The Awakening of Citizenship and Civil Society
谢文红(Xie, Wenhong)
Modern civil society can protect citizens' interests from government violations and limit the scope of government activities.
The sense of self-government spirit of civil society is also an important factor in democratic politics. A mature civil society must have a democratic political system that is compatible with it.
In recent years, there have been some major traffic accidents in various parts of China. There are many deaths and injuries in the local government. However, the relevant government departments are not able to rescue them, or they are not willing to pay compensation. This has caused great dissatisfaction among the people, publicly held a rally and protests, demanded the government to apologize to find out the truth, and severely punish the full compensation for dereliction of duty. This means that the embryonic form of modern civil society has emerged.
The CCP is afraid of the emergence of civil society, and the international forces use civil society to carry out political penetration and peaceful evolution, cancel the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and subvert the socialist political power.
However, no matter how timid the CCP is, the Chinese civil society must develop and grow, and the mainland democracy movement will succeed in the end.

Xie, Wenhong
March 3, 2019

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