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Zhang,Shaojie: Hong Kong people also expect China to realize democracy as soon as possible
Date: 7/7/2018 7:59:42 PM Sender: Zhang,Shaojie
Zhang,Shaojie: Hong Kong people also expect China to realize democracy as soon as possible
Liu, Xiaobo, a Chinese democracy activist, was sentenced to 11 years by the Chinese authorities for participating in the drafting of Charter 08. This triggered a strong international response and a strong reaction in Hong Kong.
Interview with Ms. Cai ,yongmei, editor-in-chief of Hong Kong's "Open" magazine, and asked her to introduce the strong reaction of the Hong Kong people, especially the younger generation of Hong Kong, to the Liu, Xiaobo case through the Hong Kong media and the Internet.
Ms. Cai ,yongmei first introduced: "Liu, Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years in prison. The Hong Kong media has strongly reflected. In the traditional media, after the return of 1997, some Hong Kong media have been self-disciplined and therefore relatively low-key. But those relatively independent media have used these days. A lot of space to report, every day is the headline of the front page, and even the use of several large pages. "Ming ,Pao" even published the full text of the Beijing court's judgment on the Liu ,Xiaobo case. Some TV stations also do a lot, not only reports Liu ,Xiaobo He was sentenced and also reported on Hong Kong’s reaction, international response, and an interview with Liu ,Xiaobo’s wife Liu, Xia.
Ms. Cai ,yongmei pointed out: "Hong Kong's response to the Liu ,Xiaobo case mainly came from the Internet. The spread on the Internet has brought many young people from Hong Kong to participate. Some of the online discussion forums on electrical appliances and game consoles have now started discussions on the Liu,Xiaobo case. The protests on the evening of the 27th yesterday were organized by young people through the Internet."
Regarding the question of "why there are so many Hong Kong young people paying attention to Liu ,Xiaobo's case", Ms. Cai ,yongmei said: "The main reason is of course the relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland. Hong Kong people are concerned about the democratization of Hong Kong and are very concerned about The question of Charter 08. Because the issues raised by Charter 08, such as democratization, the promotion of constitutionalism, and the future confederation of the Chinese Confederation, are all expected by Hong Kong people.

July 7, 2018

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