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Zhang,Shaojie: International Views on China’s Anti-Corruption
Date: 3/13/2019 3:02:57 PM Sender: Zhang,Shaojie
Zhang,Shaojie: International Views on China’s Anti-Corruption
French-Chinese expert and Ph.D., Ph.D. in geopolitics at the University of Paris, said that anti-corruption is a matter of concern to the "new normal" of the Chinese economy. The party will continue to be strictly governed and the Chinese Communist Party can successfully lead the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics. .
The German sinologist Nan Yinguo believes that the new generation of Chinese leaders attaches great importance to the fight against corruption and the strict administration of the party, and has achieved remarkable results. The progress of other reforms depends on the further success of these two tasks.
In the future, strengthening the rule of law will become more and more important. The premise is to further crack down on corruption. Officials must be strict with themselves and consciously accept legal constraints.
Professor Rigmi, president of the Nepal China Research Center, said that governing the country according to law is to make "everyone is subject to institutional constraints." Governing the country according to law, China's development achievements will benefit every Chinese.
Simonov, a researcher at the Institute of International Relations at La Plata National University in Argentina, said that ruling the country by law can reduce all possible arbitrariness in social life, which helps investors to make correct analysis and judgments, especially for overseas investment. Investment will have a positive impact.
Luosler, director of the Center for International Political Strategy Research of Argentina, believes that governing the country according to law is beneficial to continuously expanding the participation of the people in national policy decisions and improving the level of national governance. From an economic perspective, it will reduce social management costs and promote The development of industry and commerce will help fair competition and enhance the attractiveness of the market.
China's rapid development and strength have indeed received international attention.

March 13, 2019

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