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Wang, Ting: Inspiration from the seminar on human rights and rights
Date: 10/1/2018 4:54:40 PM Sender: Wang, Ting
Wang, Ting: Inspiration from the seminar on human rights and rights
王婷(Wang, Ting)
Some democratic activists in Guizhou and some petitioners who have been infringed on their rights and interests have held heated discussions on the relationship between democracy, human rights and individual rights protection.
Everyone agrees that each case of the Dalits is a portrayal of the suffering of our nation. Each petitioner is fighting for their own survival and livelihood, and is fighting for fairness and justice in society.
As a person who strives for democracy and constitutionalism, is it not for the fairness and justice of society and for the survival and development of our nation?
Many human rights lawyers have come forward for the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Many human rights defenders also swear by the grievances of the petitioners, but they have suffered serious persecution from the authorities!
Their experiences show how deeply the suffering of the Chinese people is, and remind us of how heavy the social responsibility of citizens in this era.
If today's social chaos is alive and the era of national suffering is deep, choose to be a silent person, then the disaster will come to you and me.

Wang, Ting
October 1, 2018

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