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Dong, Xingbiao: Views of Chinese Intellectuals on Liu ,Xiaobo’s Sentence
Date: 4/5/2018 3:49:27 PM Sender: Dong, Xingbiao
Dong, Xingbiao: Views of Chinese Intellectuals on Liu ,Xiaobo’s Sentence
董行标(Dong, Xingbiao)
On December 25, 2009, Chinese independent writer Liu ,Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years in prison for "inciting subversion of state power" for participating in the drafting of Charter 08.
Ms. Cui, Weiping, a professor at the Beijing Film Academy, was shocked and puzzled. She began to contact colleagues in the intellectual community and asked them to express their views on the fact that Liu ,Xiaobo was convicted of crimes. After winning the consent and authorization of the other party, the conversations were made to the network. The form of Twitter is published online.
This special move immediately attracted the special attention of public opinion, and its "tweet effect" continued to expand.
Why did you choose to talk to the intellectual community about the topic of Liu, Xiaobo’s sentence, and publish it in the form of Internet Twitter?
Ms. Cui ,Weiping made an incisive explanation: this is because we have some specific circumstances. For example, some words can be said in private, but in public, it is inconvenient and has no channels. Therefore, I think that since people have such views in private, then I will provide you with a small channel to publicly release their private views. This is an important consideration.
Another consideration is that the domestic media did not report this. Liu, Xiaobo was publicly tried. However, since it is a public trial and it is not publicly reported, it is definitely asymmetrical. Therefore, I would like to know about people's reactions, because they do not report, and also do not report people's reaction to this matter. These reactions need to be released.
As for why I want to choose intellectuals, I feel that, as some friends have said, this is a verdict of conviction. The work of intellectuals is in the context of speech. Then, for this speech environment, intellectuals should assume more responsibility and should participate in the expansion of the speech environment. I think intellectuals have more responsibilities than others in this respect, so I have to ask my peers.
Chinese intellectuals’ views on Liu ,Xiaobo’s sentence can also tell China’s national conditions.

Dong, Xingbiao
April 5, 2018

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