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Dong, Xingbiao: To strengthen the right to health of all people
Date: 8/1/2018 8:11:17 PM Sender: Dong, Xingbiao
Dong, Xingbiao: To strengthen the right to health of all people
董行标(Dong, Xingbiao)
A human rights-based approach that strengthens everyone’s right to health!
Human rights-based approaches to health can provide strategies and approaches to address and correct inequalities, discriminatory practices and unfair power relations, which are often the key to unfair health outcomes.
The goal of a human rights-based approach is to ensure that all health policies, strategies and programmes strive to progressively enhance the enjoyment of the right to health by all.
Interventions designed to achieve this goal are subject to strict principles and standards, including:
1. Non-discrimination: The principle of non-discrimination seeks to “ensure that the exercise of human rights must not be based on race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other conditions, such as disability, age, marriage Any distinction between family status, sexual orientation and sexual characteristics, health status, place of residence, economic and social conditions, etc."
2. Availability: There are a sufficient number of effective public health and health care facilities, goods and services, and health plans.
3. Accessibility: Sanitary facilities, goods and services must be accessible to all. Accessibility includes four overlapping aspects:
Actual accessibility;
Economic accessibility (affordable);
Information accessibility.
4. Acceptability: All health facilities, goods and services must comply with medical professional ethics, be culturally appropriate, and be sensitive to gender and life cycle needs.
5. Quality: Sanitary facilities, goods and services must be scientifically and medically appropriate and of high quality.
6. Accountability: The State and other responsible persons are responsible for complying with human rights.
7. Universality: Human rights are universal and indivisible.
It must be emphasized that human rights are enjoyed by all people around the world.

Dong, Xingbiao
August 1, 2018

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