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Dong, Xingbiao: China’s discussion on “nationalization of the military”
Date: 11/11/2018 2:53:26 PM Sender: Dong, Xingbiao
Dong, Xingbiao: China's discussion on “nationalization of the military”
董行标(Dong, Xingbiao)
It is generally believed that the contemporary Chinese army is the successor of the outstanding traditional "Wu De" culture of China.
Some people think: "Live loyalty to the party in the first place, and give the Chinese traditional"Wu De" a new era connotation." And the contemporary Chinese military "Wu De" is, "to firmly grasp the era of military political orientation, and firmly loyal to party."
He also stressed: "At all times and under all circumstances, we must resolutely listen to the party's command," and stressed that "especially in the new historical conditions in which Western hostile forces are stepping up the infiltration of values, I must work hard to steadfastly and loyally to the party." Character."
Interpreting "Wu De" in this way can be described as strange. It is no wonder that some netizens said, "Is Huo ,Yuanjia the chairman of the Central Military Commission?" Some netizens said, "In a word, there is milk and it is a mother."
Having said that, looking back at history may be valuable.
"Nationalization of the military" seems to have never been a problem.
In fact, in Chinese history, it seems that there has never been an army that truly belongs to the state.
On January 31, 1946, the Political Consultative Conference, which was attended by the Kuomintang, the Communist Party, the Democratic League, the Youth Party, and the social elite, unanimously adopted the "Peaceful Nationalization Program," confirming "political democratization" and "nationalization of the military" and The party is equal and legitimate, "the only way to achieve peace and build the country."
Around this time, the main leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao, Zedong, Liu ,Shaoqi, Zhou ,Enlai, and Zhu, De, all expressed their support for the nationalization of the military.
In fact, the name and meaning of the "nationalization of the military" is well known to everyone, but it is only different in position and different in expression.

Dong, Xingbiao
November 11, 2018

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