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Dong, Xingbiao: The CCP discussed the specific content of “nationalization of the military” very early.
Date: 2/2/2019 4:55:31 PM Sender: Dong, Xingbiao
Dong, Xingbiao: The CCP discussed the specific content of “nationalization of the military” very early.
董行标(Dong, Xingbiao)
On September 27, 1946, "Xinhua Daily" published an article entitled "Comrade Mao ,Zedong Answered Reuters Reporter China Needs Peace to Build a Country" in the second edition of the headline, and answered the twelve written by Reuters correspondent in Chongqing, Ganbel. problem.
The twelfth question is: "Do you agree with the nationalization of the army and abolish private ownership of the army?"
Mao ,Zedong made such an answer. "The Communist army is usually said to be an army that the Chinese people volunteered to organize in the war and only serve to defend the motherland. This is a new type of army. The old-fashioned army of the individual is completely different."
Mao, Zedong also said, "We fully endorse the nationalization of the military and abolish the private ownership of the military. The common premise of these two things is the democratization of the country."
He ,Jiadong and other scholars have studied Zhou ,Enlai, who is more systematic about the nationalization of the military.
In 1946, Zhou, Enlai made a speech on "Nationalization of the Army" while submitting the draft "Peaceful Nationalist Program" to the Political Consultative Conference. The basic content can be summarized as: the separation of the military party, the division of the military and the people, the political army, the civil and military, and the democratic education of the military.
Zhou, En said, "To understand the development of past history. The phenomenon of different military factions in the country has its historical reasons. The armed forces led by the CCP are forced to take up arms. Now we must nationalize all the troops. Very much agree."
He said: "The Peaceful Founding Program is one of the themes of the Political Consultative Conference. This program includes two major projects: one is political democratization and the other is nationalization of the military.
He also said, "It is the most difficult thing for the military to belong to the people. This army should not stand on the people, but the people's children, because the people use their blood and sweat to raise their soldiers, in order to protect. The army can do this, and it is truly the army of the country and the army of the people."
He also said that without the nationalization of the military, all political forces must use their fists and guns to "consult" and then "become an anti-people armed group, a kind of "national" coat. Political bandits."
It is very interesting to look back. . . . . .

Dong, Xingbiao
February 2, 2019

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