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Dong, Xingbiao: Hong Kong people react strongly to Liu ,Xiaobo’s persecution
Date: 4/19/2019 6:58:30 PM Sender: Dong, Xingbiao
Dong, Xingbiao: Hong Kong people react strongly to Liu ,Xiaobo’s persecution
董行标(Dong, Xingbiao)
Democrat Liu ,Xiaobo was persecuted by Hong Kong people and reacted strongly! Why is this?
Some people say that the Chinese government’s sentence to the democratic person Liu ,Xiaobo cannot be convinced. Even some people joked that the judgment of Liu Xiaobo does not seem to be the sin of Liu ,Xiaobo, but the song of him.
Because, in the judgment, the references to Charter 08, there is no such thing as "inciting subversion", it is entirely what Hong Kong people are trying to say.
If Hong Kong people are not allowed to accept the crime of establishing a democratic China, Liu ,Xiaobo will be unable to accept it. Therefore, the reaction of Hong Kong people is very fierce.
In fact, after Liu, Xiaobo was arrested, the reaction of Hong Kong people has been fierce.
Almost every month, people go to the China Union Office to go to the petition.
After all, Charter 08 is a document that needs everyone to look at it. Many people may not have been very enthusiastic about it. It is because Liu, Xiaobo is in jail, and Charter 08 has received more attention.
On the day of the July 1st parade in Hong Kong, a signature campaign was launched during the parade. In a few hours, tens of thousands of people signed up to demand the release of Liu ,Xiaobo.
Young people in Hong Kong are also very concerned about Liu, Xiaobo’s sentence by the Chinese government! They are even more excited about this. A fifth-grade student of Hong Kong secondary school first learned about Liu ,Xiaobo and Charter 08 through the introduction of the teacher. After Liu ,Xiaobo was sentenced, he set up a group on Facebook that “strongly asks the mainland authorities to release Liu ,Xiaobo immediately”. Within two days, Eight thousand people joined the group.
During that time, Hong Kong had spontaneous petition demonstrations every day. These actions are initiated on the Internet.
Now, the world is paying attention to Liu ,Xiaobo. . . . . .

Dong, Xingbiao
April 19, 2019

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