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Duan,Wenzhe: What is the right to health of people?
Date: 5/10/2019 3:22:36 PM Sender: Duan,Wenzhe
Duan,Wenzhe: What is the right to health of people?
What is the right to health of people? The right to health includes both freedom and rights. We didn't understand this before.
The specific division is that freedom includes the right to control one's own health and body (such as sexual and reproductive rights) without any interference (such as being subjected to torture and involuntary treatment and experimentation).
Rights include the right to a certain health protection system so that everyone has equal opportunity to enjoy the highest level of health that can be achieved.
Health policies and programmes can promote and violate human rights, including the right to health, in the way they are developed or implemented.
Therefore, taking steps to respect and protect human rights helps the health department to perform its duties and safeguard the health of all.
A system of accountability is required to make policies and plans designed to respond to the needs of the population.
A human rights-based approach that identifies relationships between people in order to empower people to claim their rights and encourages decision makers and service providers to meet their obligations, and countries need to create health systems that are more flexible and responsive to needs. .
After we understand what is the right to health of people, we must establish mechanisms and systems to protect people's right to health, and indeed guarantee the implementation of people's right to health so that every living person has the right to health.

May 10, 2019

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