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Zhou, Wangbao: China’s air pollution is serious
Date: 9/20/2018 3:26:47 PM Sender: Zhou, Wangbao
Zhou, Wangbao: China’s air pollution is serious
周望宝(Zhou, Wangbao)
Air pollution is a dangerous invisible killer. Every year, 5.5 million people worldwide die from various diseases due to air pollution.
If you want to change the status quo of millions of people being killed by air pollution every year, you must double your existing anti-pollution and pollution control capabilities.
China’s annual air pollution deaths rank first in the world. The government has the responsibility to use the law, science and technology to educate the public and raise awareness of environmental protection for the people to create high-quality air for the people.
With high-quality air, there will be a quality living environment, and with a quality living environment, it will help protect people's health!
Therefore, the government and individuals have responsibility for solving air pollution, purifying the air, and ensuring a beautiful living environment.

Zhou, Wangbao
September 20, 2018


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