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Protest the Detention of Dissident ZL by China Gov
Date: 4/6/2005 10:03:22 AM Sender: CDP

                                                                                                            Protest the Arrest of Dissident:

                                                                                                Lin Zhang by the Chinese Government

                        On Apr. 5, 2005, about 40 members of CDPWU came to Chinese Consulate General, NY to protest the arrest of Dissident: Lin Zhang by the Chinese government.
                        On Jan.28, 2005, Lin Zhang came from his hometown: Bengbu, Anhui to Beijing in order to mourn Ziyang Zhao, but the authorities forbade him.            On Jan. 29 after he came back to Anhui, the police took him away.
                        CDPWU strongly asked CCP government to release Dissident: Lin Zhang, and called for people from every field to concern about China’s human right in order to let Lin Zhang win the freedom sooner.
                        On the same day, “Beijing Spring” in New York, USA, China Freedom and Democracy Party, etc, held the news release conference on “Rescue Dissident: Lin Zhang”.        Some news media attended the conference.

Publicity Dept. of CDPWU
                        Apr.6, 2005

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