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CDPWU Participated in the Epoch Times’ Gathering i
Date: 3/10/2006 11:57:52 AM Sender: CDP


CDPWU Participated in the Epoch Times’ Gathering in Philadelphia--Support the global relay fast for human-rights and strongly condemn the attack on Yuan Li

      (The Epoch Times from New York)  At 12:00 pm of Feb. 14, (Tuesday), invited by the Philadelphia friends from the Epoch Times and led by Chairman, Jun Wang, the 24 members of China Democracy Party World Union, took several cars from Flushing, New York to the square of the free clock in Philadelphia, participating in the gathering for “Support the global relay fast for human-rights” and “Strongly condemn the Chinese communist hooligans’ attack on Yuan Li” organized by the Epoch Times.
      The relay fast against the tyranny in Mainland, China started from six o’clock of Feb.4 by Lawyer Zhisheng Gao and Mr. Shuang Ye for 48 hours.  The second round was relayed by Jia Hu and Zhiyong Qi.  The third round was relayed by Zengli Guan and Mr. Li.  The fourth round was relayed by Mr. Yi Zhao and Feixiong Guo lasting 48 hours.  Feixiong Guo was detained because he went before Xinhuamen, Zhongnanhai, Beijing to sit quietly, go on hunger strike, and submit the petition letter.  Those Mainland and overseas conscientious people, such as Xue Sheng, Dan Wang, etc., support and respond actively, pushing the movement to the climax.  The global relay hunger strike for human rights as well as against the tyranny was formed.  Everyone reached the consensus: Pull China back from the vicious cycle of violence with his/her conscientiousness and life to the great justified road of the peaceful change for constitutional democratic government.
      Jun Wang, Chairman of CDPWU, expressed in the meeting: Firmly support the global relay fast for human rights.  Protest against the infringe by the bad and black force.  Defend democracy, freedom, human-rights and legal system.
     CDPWU is fervently concerned with Chinese communist secret agents’ terrorist attack on Dr. Yuan Li of the Epoch Times.  It demands to have the attackers seriously punished.  In today’s gathering, members of CDPWU went to the stage to declare one after another: Fiercely condemn the Chinese communist terror and rascal behavior.  Sincerely admire Dr. Yuan Li’s courage toward violence and adherence toward justice.

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