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CDPWU “Strongly Demand CCP to Release All the Diss
Date: 3/10/2006 12:12:54 PM Sender: CDP

             CDPWU “Strongly Demand CCP to Release All the Dissidents”

                                 ----CDPWU’s marathon action

      (The liberty times USA) At 11:00 am of Feb.7, 2006, CDPWU’s members and cadres, headed by the chairman, Jun Wang, came to Chinese Consulate General to participate in the protest of “Strongly Demand CCP to Release All the Dissidents” with the cold wind.  The whole protest activity lasted one hour and half.
      That day, some members of CDPWU who participated the protest activity expressed: Under CCP’s autarchy, dissidents are often detained any time in order to control people.  Not few Chinese people are prisoned because of participating in democracy movement or give different opinions.
      Besides detaining many political dissidents, CCP persecutes the families of those who died on “June 4”, religious people, web dissidents, human-right lawyers, and humanitarianism workers, etc.  
      Especially in recent years, CCP emphasizes on creating harmonious
society.  On the other hand, it monitors public opinion more harshly and strengthens the ideology control.  CCP arrested web dissidents almost to one hundred among which several were sentenced to more than ten years of prison.  It makes China the nation with the most sinned web dissidents in the world.   
      CDPWU strongly asks CCP to straighten out its human rights, allowing the public to hold different opinion.  In addition, it strongly asks CCP to release all the political dissidents, permit multi-party system, and change the existing political regime.  China would be built into a nation with democracy, freedom, human rights, and legal system sooner.

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