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Part of Suffering Domestic Families of CDPWU Membe
Date: 3/10/2006 12:25:41 PM Sender: CDP

       Part of Suffering Domestic Families of CDPWU Members Have Received Its Donation

      By CDPWU 2/15/06

      According to the suggestion of one of the CDPWU originators, Mr. Xizhe Wang, CDPWU arranged the console and compensate activity once or twice a year for the suffering domestic families of CDPWU members (for Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival).  On Jan.24, 2006, CDPWU organized the endowment among its members, who expressed their heart.  According to the name list of the five CDPWU suffering domestic families by Mr. Xizhe Wang, CDPWU has assigned a person to send the money ($200 per family) to them before Spring Festival, 2006.  Being confirmed, the families of the five suffering friends have all received the bequest.
      CDPWU thanks Mr. Xizhe Wang, who cares about its suffering domestic members all the time.  In addition, it praises its members who donated.


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