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The anti-communist magazine “Beijing Spring” repor
Date: 3/10/2006 12:32:16 PM Sender: CDP


      The anti-communist magazine “Beijing Spring” reported CDPWU’s concern on gun-attack

     On the morning of Feb.14, CDPWU held the protest “Strongly condemn Chinese communist rascals’ gun-attack on the Epoch Times’ technical overseer”, regarding the Chinese communist rascals’ terrorist attack on the Epoch Times’ Dr. Yuan Li.  The CDPWU members have been fervently concerned with the gun-attack accident.  They asked to punish the attackers seriously.  
     The photo is about the members holding the Epoch Times’ report “The Chinese communist rascals attacked the Epoch Times’ technical overseer”.  They expressed fierce anger at the Chinese communist terrorist and rascal behavior.

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