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The Southeast Branch of CDPWU Held Seminar
Date: 3/10/2006 12:54:52 PM Sender: CDP


             The Southeast Branch of CDPWU Held Seminar

      On Feb.27, the southeast branch of CDPWU held the seminar “Construction and future of democratic China” in Atlanta.  The seminar was hosted by the executive dean of the southeast branch, Mr. Kenong Chen.  Members of CDPWU—Hailong Li, Min Luo, Song Wang, Li Zhang, Wenqiang Xu, etc., and Qun Shang, the Epoch Times’ special column writer: Yuan Nan, attended the seminar as distinctive guests.
      In the seminar, the dean, Mr. Kenong Chen represented CDPWU to express welcome to people who participated in the meeting and read the congratulation letters as well as written speeches from CDPWU’s chairman, Jun Wang, China peace’s chairman, Baiqiao Tang, and one of the founders of CDP, Xizhe Wang.  In the speech, Mr. Kenong Chen emphasized the twist and hardness of democracy road.  He encouraged everyone to face the challenge.  In his written speech, CDPWU’s chairman, Jun Wang, called for overseas Chinese to link their feeling to the homeland, disseminate democratic idea more, expand democratic consciousness in Mainland, China, enlarge the party’s influence in Mainland, China, and finish CCP’s one-party autarchy as earlier as possible.  
      In the seminar, the new member of CDPWU, Ms. Min Luo, denounced the disaster brought to Chinese ordinary people by CCP’s dictatorship in tears with her real-life experience.  The people who heard the words sympathized her.  Other people talked about their opinion as well.  Warm discussion was taking place.  The dean, Kenong Chen, remarked that there would be more similar seminars later.  (CDPWU offered the manuscript.  The Epoch Times edited.)   

      Photo: The location of the seminar “Construction and future of democratic China” in Atlanta


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