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Groups Involved in “Global Synchronous Hunger Stri
Date: 3/11/2006 11:44:44 AM Sender: CDP


      Several Groups Involved in “Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands”

      Unite global justice forces, support lawyer Zhisheng Gao, and discard CCP’s Fascist tyranny thoroughly

      (The Epoch Times’ reporter: Yao Bu from New York)  On March 6 (Monday), representatives from China General Amnesty, Beijing Spring, China Democracy Party, Shenjiang Alliance, Global Service Center for Leaving CCP, Web Digest, and China Democracy Party World Union, etc. convened the gathering in the square before UN headquarters and launched the activity of “Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands-Discard CCP Tyranny”.  In New York area, there have been over one hundred people signing up on the internet to participate in the hunger strike.  On the website:, the every-day information on people’s involvement in relay hunger strike can be seen.  People from Los Angeles, Malaysia, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Israel and Mainland, China participated in the food abstention.

      Spokesman of Global Service Center for Leaving CCP, Dayong Li, said: “Lawyer Zhisheng Gao wrote three letters to speak for Falun Gong openly, letting many Chinese people get to know the cruel facts of CCP’s persecution toward Falun Gong from another angle.  Then he resigned from CCP firmly, which made CCP hate and fear him.  CCP surrounded and attacked him for as long as 300 days.  It used secret agents to persecute him.  Presently, lawyer Gao does food abstention in his office every Saturday.  Regarding to his worsening environment, overseas human-right personages initiated the global synchronous hunger strike in tens of thousands in order to support him.

      Dayong Li expressed: It is not possible for China’s human-right lawyers to use law to protect Chinese citizens.  Lawyer Gao has to use the food abstention method to protest CCP tyranny.  Some people, who participated in relay hunger strike for human rights, have not abandoned their delusion toward CCP thoroughly.  As a result, human-right movement needs sublimation.  He called for participants to go through “Nine comments on CCP” carefully and declare to leave CCP as well as its relevant organizations so that the hunger strike would become a great movement for saving the fallen Chinese culture.

      China Peace’s chairman, Baiqiao Tang said: The hunger strike suggested by lawyer Gao is feasible and rational in China.  Home can be the place for hunger strike.  Under CCP tyranny, it is a very moderate resisting form to express self insatisfaction.  It does not hurt others.  Neither does it affect public order.  Today, I want to signal here that there’s millions of people’s support behind the lawyer’s justice behavior.  We don’t need to show CCP how strong we are or use the violent method back to it.  What we need to do is tell them we have firm faith.  In order to keep our dignity, we will fight to the end.

      Baiqiao Tang thinks that the CCP might will say apologize to the people and retreat the historical stage before such rationality.  The lawyer’s suggestion has deep meaning and unites global justice forces together.  Everyone can contribute to the movement.

      More than 40 CDPWU members and cadres came to this activity as well.  Chairman Jun Wang remarked, this hunger strike was the solid action for winning human rights.  Overseas democracy organizations should do some things for domestic human-right fighters to be interactive.  When 6,000,000 members left CCP, CDPWU had ever declared to leave CCP collectively in a gathering.

      Vice president of The Epoch Times, Jiguang Li, said: He was very moved seeing so many people on hunger strike, support anti-persecution, and adhere justice in the wind of the cold spring.  On Feb.28, CCP send secret agents to attack the print shop in Hong Kong, destroy the equipment, hit the technical overseer in USA of The Epoch Times.  The reason why CCP is afraid of unarmed people and independent media is because it is very fearful of the truth told by justice people.  This is our strength, the true one.

        Friends from every aspect were on the way to UN square in order to participate in "Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands".

        Some representatives from organizations were in discussion regarding to the participation in "Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands".

        CDPWU chairman: Jun Wang, was being interviewed by the journalist from "New Chinese TV Station".

        The Epoch Times' Jiguang Li was being interviewed by the journalist from "New Chinese TV Station".

        Baiqiao Tang in the action of "Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands"

        Yufeng Liang in the action of "Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands"

        Dayong Li in the action of "Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands"

        The journalist from "New Chinese TV Station" interviewed American passers-by.

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