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The Activity for Supporting“Global Synchronous Hun
Date: 3/13/2006 1:04:48 PM Sender: CDP

      Photo: Some CDPWU members supported “Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands” before Chinese Consulate General, NY

      The Activity for Supporting“Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands” Was Organized Again

                          —— CDPWU’s democracy marathon

     At 11:00 am of Mar. 7, 2006, over sixty CDPWU members, who were led by Chairman Jun Wang, came to Chinese Consulate General, New York to support “Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands—Discard CCP Tyranny”.  Chairman Jun Wang made the important speech.  Some party representatives remarked in the activity as well.  The whole activity last about two hours.  This is the activity after the one on March 6, 2006 before the square of UN headquarters in New York in support of “Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands” by Chinese people from the great NY area.
     The justice force represented by Lawyer Zhisheng Gao shows hope to people.  The severely blackened evil regime of CCP is not going to last long.  Low morale and prevailing corruption caused by CCP’s terrible interior corruption is not going to last long as well.  Under the call of lawyer Gao’s peaceful fighting idea, Chinese people, who are concerned with China’s freedom and future, respond all over the world.  Freedom and democracy are given by the heaven.  People want them!  Let us see that every peaceful fight by people is China’s hope.
     CDPWU firmly supported and fully participated in“Global Synchronous Hunger Strike in Tens of Thousands”.  Through this action, any country, government, and people that love democracy and freedom will be roused to condemn CCP of its atrocity, watch the worsening trend for human rights in China, stop rascal CCP government’s crime, involve in finishing one-party autarchy, and build the great historic process for democratic China.


  March 7, 2006

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