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China Democracy Party World Union Stage Protests t
Date: 3/14/2006 11:11:37 AM Sender: CDP

       China Democracy Party World Union Stage Protests to Demand CCP to Free Wanping Xu

        China Democracy Party World Union Members Attending the Protest

      Despite the severe weather of strong wind and snow shower, at 11:30 a.m. January 3, 2006, fifty-strong members of China Democracy Party World Union, led by Chairman Jun Wang, staged protests outside the Chinese Consulate General in New York to demand the Chinese Communist government to free Wangping Xu. U.S. Army Chaplain Yan Xiong, who was one of the student leaders during the 1989 student protests, came from Seattle to New York to attend the event and also demand the release of Shigen Hu. The event took one and half hours.

      Chaplain Xiong said he was very glad to see some many CDWU members came to the event in such bad weather. There were two key reasons for the fast development and growing influence of CDPWU, Xiong said. First, CDPWU has a strong belief that China needs democracy. Second, CDPWU is a united and active team. Hence, CDPWU has been accepted in social circles and become the main force in the democratic movement. Xiong also said he wanted CDPWU to make persistent efforts to achieve more successes. When asked by Xiaong if they had confidence, CPDWU members answered all with one voice: Yes!

      Mr. Wanping Xu, a democracy and human rights activist, was sentenced by Chongqing Municipal No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court on December 23, 2005 to 12 years in prison on charges of subversion.

      Wanping Xu, 44, was put in prison twice, in 1989 and 1998 respectively, because of his involvement in democratic movements. He served 11 years in total in prison.

      In 1989 Wanping Xu was put in prison because he participated in the “6.4” democratic movement and tried to organize China Action Party. He served eight years and lost his job. In 1998 he was put in prison on charges of abetting the protests by laid-off workers and served three years.

      Released from prison in 2001, Wanping Xu continued his efforts to promote democracy, the rule of law, human rights and civil liberties. On the eve of June 4, 2004, Wanping Xu, under the false charges of possessing heroine, was tortured by the anti-drug police team and was bound in a chair for 48 hours.

      On April 30, 2005 Wanping Xu was kidnapped. He was formally arrested on May 24 on charges of subversion. He has since been locked up in the Chongqing Municipal Detention House.

China Democracy Party World Union strongly protests China Communist regime’s illegal and brutal action and firmly demands the release of Wanping Xu. Also, Chine Communist authorities must apologize in public to Wanping Xu and his families. Meanwhile, CDPWU call on all of the democratic organizations to make efforts for the freedom of Wanping Xu.

  China World Party World Union
        January 3, 2006

        CDPWU members attending the protest (on the front first from right: Yan Xiong; second from right: Jun Wang)

        CDPWU members attending the protest (on the front: Yan Xiong)

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