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CDPWU Dispersed Democratic-Idea Flyers in Mainland
Date: 3/18/2006 3:45:22 PM Sender: CDP

            CDPWU Dispersed Democratic-Idea Flyers in Mainland,



      Recently, CDPWU successfully broke through the high pressure and blockage by Chinese communist authority, dispersing, posting and disseminating Chinese democratic idea flyers, which caused extensive response.


     The content is as follows:

     Dear folks:

     How are you?

     Although overseas, we care about our homeland and people.  Today, I want to tell you that we should have human rights from the start of coming to this world as a human being.  The right and freedom a person should have: right of freedom, right of work, right of monitor, right of vote, right of meeting, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of living,

     As a government, it should carry out its historical task given by people, protect the enforcement and realization of the right that people should have.

     CDPWU sincerely call for people from the whole nation to actively involve in the industrious fighting for “basic human rights”.  Work hard for China to realize democracy, development, and advancement sooner!

     Welcome to join CDPWU!

     If there’s hardship, please find CDPWU for solution.

     CDPWU will work together with the global democracy organizations and forces to launch huge democracy movement in China with steps and plans.


     People who received flyers read attentively the content of our party’s advocacy, which instigate their deep thought.  We firmly believe: After the general public is awake, we will have a new round of China democracy movement.  As long as we rally the majority of people, the ideality of building up a democratic China will come true.

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