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Asked CCP to Release Dr. Bingzhang Wang”
Date: 4/8/2006 2:00:03 PM Sender: CDP

                 Asked CCP to Release Dr. Bingzhang Wang”


      At 11:00 AM of Apr. 4, 2006, over forty CDPWU cadres and members protested on “Strongly asked CCP to release Dr. Bingzhang Wang” before Chinese Consulate General, NY.

      The attendees remarked: Dr. Bingzhang Wang gave up his nice life in USA in order to come back to China to facilitate democracy, but he was “kidnapped” by CCP secretly and sentenced to life imprisonment.  All CDPWU members will learn from Dr. Wang and dedicate to the cause for realizing a democratic China bravely.  We will fight for freedom and democracy for Chinese people forever.  

      Today, part of CDPWU members gathered before Chinese Consulate General, asking CCP to release Dr. Wang without any condition immediately.  Let him come home for his father’s funeral ASAP.


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