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CDPWU Warmly Congratulates Mr. Decheng Lu on his W
Date: 4/18/2006 1:57:55 PM Sender: CDP


                             CDPWU Warmly Congratulates Mr.

                          Decheng Lu on his Winning Freedom

        In the afternoon of May 23rd, 1989, the bus driver Decheng Lu, and his buddies: the art editor: Dongyu Yu, the teacher: Zhijian Yu, threw eggs contained with color material to the portrait of Mao.  The world was astonished.  Three of them were all sentenced under felony.  The shortest sentence to Lu was 16 years of prison.

        On Jan. 25, 1998, Decheng Lu was released.  In 2004, he fled to Thailand and filed refugee application to UN.  However, the Thai police arrested him, ready to send him back to China.  Overseas democracy and human-right groups started urgent saving action.  The democracy celebrities in Canada filed the refugee application for him.  Under the interference of international society, on Apr. 11, 2006, Lu left Bangkok for Vancouver, safe and sound.  Lu’s wife: Lingcheng Xian and his seven-year old son still live in Liuyang, Hunan.

        CDPWU warmly congratulates Mr. Lu on his arrival to Canada after various hardships.  Hope that he will reunite with his family soon.


——Photo provided by Boxun News Web.

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