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Protested the Removal of the political dissident:
Date: 4/18/2006 2:14:51 PM Sender: CDP

               Protested the Removal of the political dissident: Decheng Lu

                 —— No. 41 Session of Democracy Marathon by CDPWU

Photo: On Jan. 11, 2005, Chairman of CDPWU, Jun Wang, led about forty members to deliver the protest letter into Thai Consulate General, NY.  The secretary of the consulate general there remarked that he would pass the letter to the ministry of diplomacy.  He believed that his government would handle the affair seriously.

       Photo: On Jan. 11, 2005, CDPWU also protested before Chinese Consulate General, NY for the CCP government’s pressure on the Thai government to return Decheng Lu.

        Picture: The receipt signed by the secretary of the consulate general for the protest letter.

Photo: CDPWU reps was delivering the letter.

          On Jan. 11, 2005, about forty CDPWU members went to Chinese Consulate General, NY to convene the No. 41 session of democracy marathon.  The goal is preventing the removal of Decheng Lu to China.  The activity includes two parts: 1. before Chinese Consulate General 2. before Thai Consulate General.

         In the rally, Xianglan Gao, Yi Huang, Ping Yang, Weigao Hu, Dong Zhang, Zhijun Long, Yanying Wang, Xinrong Zhang, Jun Che, and Wensheng Wu made speech.  After Mr. Lu arrived at Thailand, he was imprisoned by the government under the CCP government pressure.  This is violation of human rights.  It deviates the asylum regulation by “International law”.  CDPWU expressed its strong anger and condemnation.  

         At 3:00 pm, CDPWU members came to Thai Consulate General on 52nd street in Manhattan.  They chanted “Anti-removal of Decheng Lu”, “Release Decheng Lu”.  Vice Chairman of CDPWU, Fanrong Shi, delivered the protest letter signed by Chairman: Jun Wang.  The consulate secretary: Mr. kaodiapeng accepted the letter on behalf of the consulate general and Thailand’s delegation to UN.

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