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CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang sent out warm greetings t
Date: 4/18/2006 2:48:56 PM Sender: CDP

            CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang sent out warm greetings

                     to the democracy fighter: Decheng Lu


           Photo: Mr. Wang telephoned his friends on the news of Decheng Lu’s winning freedom.

       After Mr. Decheng Lu had been taken in custody by the Thai government for two years, he was granted the asylum by the Canadian government.  On Apr. 11, he arrived at Vancouver.

       Mr. Lu was sentenced to 16 years by CCP after “6.4”.  In 1998, he was released under international pressure.  In 2004, he fled to Thailand and was taken into custody by the Thai government.  The Thai government had ever considered of sending him back to China.  On the other hand, CDPWU had protested in the marathon way for him and asked for help from some human-right organizations.  Finally, the Thai government abandoned the plan.

       In order to save Mr. Lu, CDPWU and global democracy celebrities fought together.  His arrival in Canada, safe and sound, is the victory of overseas democracy movement.

       The CCP autarchy is certain to die out!  China democracy will win!

       Mr. Jun Wang is congratulating Mr. Lu upon his coming to Canada sincerely.  Hope that he will reunite with his family soon.

       The following is the reports from “Beijing spring”, “The epoch times”, and “The liberty times”.  We hereby put the report from “The epoch times” into English:

CDPWU had Called for the Release of Decheng Lu

       (The epoch times from NY) Between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM of Jan.11, 2005, about forty CDPWU members protested the Thai government’s plan to remove the Chinese political dissident: Decheng Lu to China before both Chinese and Thai Consulate General.  CDPWU pled the two governments to let Mr. Lu free based upon humanitarianism.

       Protesters held the slogans of “Anti-Removal of Decheng Lu”, “Release Dissident: Decheng Lu”, and “Save Decheng Lu”, chanting in the flurries.  It was solemn and stirring.

       CDPWU hoped that the Thai government would comply strictly with the obligation for asylum regulated by “International law” to facilitate human progress and development.  CDPWU representatives delivered the protest letter to the Thai government.

        Decheng Lu was sentenced because he poured the ink to the portrait of Mao up in Tiananmen.  After he came out of prison, Mr. Lu was still persecuted by the CCP government.  Days ago, he fled out of Mainland to Thailand to apply for political asylum.   The Thai government imprisoned him under the pressure of the CCP government.  Plan for his removal was made.

        Chairman of CDPWU, Jun Wang, urged everyone to contribute to the saving activity in order for Lu to win freedom sooner.

Photo: CDPWU protested before Chinese Consulate General, NY


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