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CDPWU Protested before the North Lawn, White House
Date: 4/21/2006 4:09:07 PM Sender: CDP

            Photo: CDPWU members protested before the North Lawn, White House.

        CDPWU Protested before the North Lawn, White House

                   —— No. 74 session of democracy marathon by CDPWU

       At 8:00 AM of Apr. 20, 2006, CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang led the 55 members and cadres from New York, to Washington D.C.  At noon, before the North Lawn and Chinese embassy, they started protesting to Chinese President Hu Jintao: Chinese People want human rights!

       It is prevailing that CCP infringes human rights.  Chinese citizens do not have rights to change CCP.  Many dissidents who express their opinions openly are harassed, taken into custody, or confined.  The relevant authorities suppress religious, political or social groups that are regarded threat to the CCP authorities or national stability.  CCP keeps on restricting freedom of speech and news, controlling publishing and management of materials, blacking out overseas radio and TV programs.

       China made rules to curb freedom of news.  The Chinese government severely limits the freedom of assembly and speech.  The CCP regime hardens its persecution to all dissidents.

       The number of religious people is increasing in China, but CCP is worrisome in respecting freedom of practicing religion.  New Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, and members of folk religions have been bothered and blocked out by the authorities. Thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned, sent to labor camp and psychopathy hospital.  

       CDPWU urged Mr. Hu to improve human rights, release all the political dissidents, open freedom of news, dissolve unfair party censorship, and enforce democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule by law.

  Apr. 20, 2006

        Photo: CDPWU members protested before the Chinese embassy to U.S.

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