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China Democracy Party World Union Participated in
Date: 6/24/2006 2:28:05 PM Sender: CDP

        This picture shows the President of China Democracy Party World Union Jun Wang was
directing and leading a chorus of “6.4” elegy

        China Democracy Party World Union Participated in “6.4” Seventeen-anniversary Memorial Night

      June 4th, 2006, at 7:00pm, over 200 people gathered in the front of China Consulate in Manhattan 42nd street, and attended the event of “6.4” seventeen-anniversary memorial night, which is held by “6.4” memorial committee. There, they mourned for the heroes died under the CCP’s tanks and machine guns at Tiananmen seventeen years ago.

      At the beginning of the night event, the attendants stand in silent to mourn the martyrs who were slaughtered by the CCP because of pursuing democracy. The night event was immersed by the memorial chorus for “6.4.” under the President of China Democracy Party World Union Jun Wang’s directing and leading, the 200 people chorus sang “The Song of Nineteen Eighty Nine,” “The Wound of The History,” and “The Dragon’s Posterity.” The voice of the songs was vehement; the atmosphere was sad and serious; the scene was solemn and touching.

      The event also broadcasted China Renming university’s professor, the representative of Tiananmen’s mother Zilin Ding, and the one of three people who splashed ink onto the image of Mao—Dechen Lu’s voice record.

      The party of 89’s democratic movement, “6.4” massacre’s eyewitness, and the people who are striving for democracy all gave a touching speech at the night event. Those lecturers include Tiananmen Square’s student leader Chongde Feng, Tiananmen Square’s interlocution group leader Dan Shen, Shanghai democratic promoter Guihua Cai, the secretary-general of “Yaobang Hu and Ziyang Zhao’s memorial fund,” Shujun Wang, Columbia’s doctor of political science Tianxiao Li, and the comrade of Burma’s democratic leader Yangshan Suji, one of the three leader’s for 1988 Burman’s revolution Moethee Zun. The father of the democratic movement Ruowang Wang’s widow Yangzi appealed people to help Dongyue Yu, and took the lead to donated 200 dollars. Democratic promoter Lin Zhang, who had be put in prison by the CCP for several times, his sister, doctor Dayong, Li, who is in charge of the Big Era’s national CCP quitting service center, and the M.D. who spoke out to Jingtao Hu in the White House this April—Wenyi Wang, attended this event to show their support.

      At the night event, China Democracy Party World Union had more than seventy people’s team with white T-shirt. They carried white candles and sang a solemn song with the lyrics: “My this solemn song, I want to sing it to my distressful motherland. On the dawn of June 4th , the moment when the martyrs died, singing this solemn song and walk around all over the world, for the free China, strive, strive, strive!”  

     The sound of the guns for the “6.4” massacre is still there, the blood and tears has not dried yet. The vestige of history cannot be effaced; the echo of history will last forever. The ones who sacrificed their lives have not been acknowledged, the pain of the nation is still there. We never forget, and dare not forget. Every year, we will assemble here, mourn in silence and cry out.

Let us get to know the history and the truth, uncover the real trait of CCP’s tyrannical ruling. Let us remember what happened seventeen years ago in the front of Tiananmen—the “6.4” event. We clamor the CCP into unconditionally releasing all state criminals, investigating the massacre, clearing the responsibility, stopping persecution, and giving the regime back to people.

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