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Chinese Citizen Want Attend & Disputation Polity
Date: 7/10/2006 9:31:30 AM Sender: CDP


          Chinese Citizen Want Attend & Disputation Polity

      July 4th, 2006, at 11:00am, over 60 CDPWU members gathered in the front of China Consulate in Manhattan 42nd street, and attended the event of “Chinese Citizen Want Attend & Disputation Polity”. CDPWU Chairman Jun Wang on behalf of the China Democracy Party World Union made a speech about attends and disputation polity is a basic right for the people.  Other CDPWU members also gave a lecture in there.Every Chinese citizen should be have right to attend polity. That mean is according the law to give citizen voting and finish right. That helps nation developing.

      “Disputation polity” is every ordinary citizen can talk their thought and contribute their brightness to how to make country growing well. In fact, he/she is not a good citizen if people do not want attend and disputation polity. Same thing, it is not a harmonious society if citizen do not pay attention to the polity.

      China future is democracy. Opposite the democracy is franchise. Keep within limits for the franchise is people attend and disputation polity. Because the prerogative group’s benefit from ordinary people. The citizen protect their right is follow the law and supervise policy and law. Society can monitor government officers behavior do not use power to make franchise to themselves.

      China Democracy Party World Union thinks: Chinese wake up for the civil right. They request attend and disputation polity is symbolize for the new time of democracy and freedom. Under this kind situation, The Chinese government can not slide over, desalt and pressing the citizen who want human right and fare treatment. The nation should not be stable if CCP still no any change for the polity system. So, we strongly ask Chinese government to protecting citizen attend and disputation polite right.

China Democracy Party World Union


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