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World Union attended the gathering of buoying up 1
Date: 7/22/2006 4:04:08 PM Sender: CDP


          Picture: partial members from World Union were in the gathering in front of the White House in Washington D.C

            World Union attended the gathering of buoying up 12 millions of people to break away from CCP in front of the White House in Washington D. C

      07/21/06, 11 Am , more than 30 members from Chinese democratic Party World Union were taken lead by Chairman Wang Jun , arrived LaYei Ye .Square opposite the White House in Washington D.C from N. Y for attending the gathering that upholding 12millions of people to sever ties with CCP, it is sponsored by fellows from Fa Lun Gong .  Approximately , 1500 people from different races attended the gathering .From different angles, combined with current situation, dozens of scholars, experts on Chinese affairs from different realms analyze that disintegration from CCP is necessary tendency, appealing Chinese public completely forsake illusion to CCP, sever the relations with CCP. This is the embodiment that Chinese public awakes to for 12 millions people to repudiate CCP, severing relations with CCP will eventually result in peaceful disintegration of CCP. Thus ,Chinese nation’s  miseries and disasters that CCP ’s evil soul imposes to will wind up. Chinese democratic party World Union Chairman Wang Jun made key-note speech on gathering, he pointed out, CCP barbarously quenches Fa Lun Gong organization for a long time , persecutes practitioners of FLG for a long time, persecutes dissents for a long time, persecutes Chinese Democratic Party members for a long time, CCP behaviors badly, its doomsday has been coming, Chinese Democratic party are willingly  hand in hand with any parties and groups that love peace, commonly usher in a new China with democracy, freedom, human right and legal system .
      The partial members from Chinese Democratic Party World Union come to Chinese embassy for strongest protestation against one-Party system in China , ask to end this system, 4 Pm in the afternoon, members were in front of the congress building, appealing American government to uphold the effort that Chinese Democratic party made for building up ”democratic new China”.

Chinese Democratic Party World Union.

         Picture: Chinese Democratic party World Union chairman Wang Jun , made speech on the gathering .



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