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Lecture of democratic concept sponsored by CDPWYU
Date: 7/27/2006 9:25:40 AM Sender: CDP

        Picture: The group photo for partial members from CDPWU during their participation to lecture of democratic concept

        Lecture of democratic concept sponsored by CDPWYU

       07/25/06, 03:00 PM,around 40 members from CDPWU and cadres held “ lecture of democratic concept of CDPWU”at 2th Floor, Shang Hai Hotel ,especially invited editor general Mr.Hu Pin from “Spring in Bei Jing ,“ editor “ Xie Xuan Jun” was the instructor for this lecture.

       Chairman Wang jun from WU made a concise speech before democratic concept lecture. The purpose for WU to hold this lecture is to let the members know fundamental concept for democracy, freedom, human right , legal system, discern substance of CCP dictatorship and domestic position , how to let members participate in and impel democratic construction in China, end CCP “one party system as soon as possible, build up democratic China.

       The members participating in this democratic concept speech express that two lecturers vividly stated the differences between dictatorship and democracy with understandable language. Endangerment by dictatorship to country and people ; how China can step on democratic way. As CDPM , we must dedicate in democratic enterprises in China, take the responsibility and liability of building up democratic China, like today’s speech, hopefully, it can be arranged by CDPWU usually.

       Chairman Wang Jun in CDPWU takes this opportunity to thank two lecturers for their excellent speech on behalf of plenary members.


        Picture: lecturer Hu Ping (front, left3), Xie Xuan Jun (front,left4) are with Wang Jun and partial CDPWU members

         Picture: the corner for CDPWU democratic concept.

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